by Mike Winger
Are you wondering how to evaluate which church to go to? Do you want BIBLICAL advice on how to select the best church in your area? Well, here it is! TEN QUESTIONS you should ask about any church before deciding which one is best for you List of Questions 1- What do they believe? 2- How is the teaching? 3- Does the worship glorify God? 4- Does the children's ministry disciple or occupy? 5- Do they follow Jesus? 6- Do they outreach? 7- Can you fellowship there? 8- Are they weird? 9- Can you serve there? 10- Are they your best option? Do you have some advice to ADD to this list? Please put it in the comment section below!


Posted on:
Friday, 27 July 2018
Posted by:
Sariah Meagle
My cousin moved to another city with her family and they are looking for a church. It was explained here that they should know what teachings do they believe in. Furthermore, it's advisable to be able to answer these questions when looking for a church.

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