by Mike Winger
There are several reasons to believe that the empty tomb accounts in the Bible are historically true, even if you aren't a Christian. And if they are historically true, then perhaps you should become a Christian. In this video I will outline several specific lines of argument that build a cumulative case for the historicity of the empty tomb and support the resurrection of Christ. Join for the live stream (after this live stream) where me, Whaddo You Meme??, and Capturing Christianity reveal our 20 video secret project! After years of doing this online ministry I am now seeking to make it my full time job. This means I've added a donate option on my web site. While I'm honestly uncomfortable with the whole "money" thing I do want to keep doing this ministry and for this content to be totally free and available to all. But I still need to be a provider for my wife and I so this is our attempt to see if this is how God will provide. If you want to help support me continuing to produce regular videos on theology and apologetics then here's the link, and thank you.

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