by Mike Winger
At the end of a long day when I was abnormally busy, and cutting back on my coffee intake, I did a 2 hour debate review video. Haha. I may be a bit tired but I think the content here is valuable and I'm looking forward to getting some feedback on it. Here are the timestamps (though I strongly recommend you watch this whole video) 8:00 Matt's flawed treatment of history 8:55 "Claims not evidence" 17:43 How history actually works 21:01 How a cumulative case works 25:48 Matt vs history and historians 57:20 Double standards which avoid the evidence 1:13:59 Elvis sightings and testing miracle claims 1:25:26 Summary of historical problems in Matt's criticism of the case for the resurrection. 1:27:55 BIGGEST ISSUE IN THE DEBATE: Philosophy 1:50:55 When I offended Matt. Dr. Craig Blomberg's article on the potential ages of the gospel writers. How we really got the books of the New Testament (watch 4 consecutive videos in this playlist) Journal of the American Medical Association article "On The Physical Death of Jesus Christ" Inspiring Philosophy's video "Matt Dillahunty vs Science" Dr. Tim McGrew "How to Think About Miracles" Matt implied that we didn't really know what the New Testament originally said. Here's 3 videos about textual critcism How "inference the best explanation" (my method for concluding that Jesus rose from the dead and God did it) is solid epistemology Great video from Acts17Apologetics called "Scooby Doo and the Silly Skeptic", which helps explain the problem of special pleading Lastly, for those who want more info on why "inherent improbability" of a miracle is not a good reason to reject one outright check out these two podcast episodes from Capturing Christianity. Calum Miller walks through the problems this philosophical position which is called "frequentism". If you would like to support this ministry please click here

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