by Mike Winger
Two controversies reveal what was wrong with the Pharisees' and what might be wrong with us. Covering Mark 2:23-3:6 Jesus corrects the Pharisees for adding their traditions to God's commands as well as for missing out on the heart of God's commands. We'll look at how Jesus' claim that "the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath" is both a claim to deity and a claim to have the right to explain the meaning of the Old Testament law. There's also an apologetics moment today where we deal with a supposed Bible contradiction where some say Jesus was simply wrong about the Old Testament. Here is the playlist to the whole Mark series (updated weekly until it is finished) Just a quick note related to the Sabbath. I do not think Christians are called to be under the Law and we do not have the same obligation to observe the Sabbath that they did at the time of the events of Mark chapter 2. I have teaching content on how to view the Law and how we can read and learn from it in the light of Christ here. (2 video playlist) I also have a series dealing with the Hebrew Roots Movement (who teach that we should all obey the Law of Moses today) here (4 video playlist) If you love this ministry and want to partner with me in support please click here (though all my content is free and you are under NO obligation to give). If you want to get your own BibleThinker mug, you can click here to go to a web site owned by a potter who is a fan of the ministry and has made special mugs available.

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