by Mike Winger
I've never done this before. Here's my conversation with a former New Age/New Thought woman. We talk about specific Bible verses that are often used to support New Age as well as Word of Faith teaching and I do my best to respond with a careful explanation of each of those verses. If you are New Age, New Thought or Word of Faith then I'm hoping this video will bless you and change your life. If you aren't then I'm hoping it will equip you to be ready to help someone who is. Melissa Doughtery's channel is here check out her testimony of going from New Age to genuine Christianity! If you love this ministry and want to help support me continuing to make more free content then please click below. But don't do it out of obligation or guilt, only give if you can AND if you specifically desire to partner with what I'm doing here. God bless you. If you'd like to order a special BibleThinker mug the link is here. Make sure to read the ordering details so you can get the shipping discount.


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Thursday, 10 October 2019
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Pam Dixon
Please continue with into on New Age, Spiritual Formation, Mysticism. Every Church in our town is into this except 1. Please preach on deception taking over our Churches
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Friday, 21 February 2020
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Hi guys, as a charismatic Christian since 23/4/1986 I've been intimately associated with WOF doctrines. It came into my family through a lady in church who began to idolise KC and EW Kenyon and Hagen. Then followed C Capps etc. It actually ripped through my family members that were Christian like a brush fire and began to isolate me. Nothing I said seemed to influence them to focus on the authority of Gods Word. I brought a copy of 'A Different Gospel' by DR McConnoll which outlines the origins of WOF, but it made no difference. They seemed to get arrogant as though they were super Christians having knowledge only the few had. This I've come to notice is a trait in many of these people. I don't have the time here to go through it all, but I can tell you that every person I know of that's been heavily influenced by these prosperity/health teachers has had their Christian walk seriously messed up. I loved your point about if you just read the scriptures you don't arrive at these WOF conclusions, it's because they've been taught to interpret the word through these teachings lense. This is I'm convinced at the heart of this beast. As Charismatics and I don't for a moment apologise for that, but our part of the Body of Christ has given birth to some of the most blasphemous teachers the world has ever seen. I not not sure if we failed to police our movement or it's just a case of letting the tares grow up with the wheat because you basically have to be prepared to fall out with people in order to try and convince them they've been taught a bunch of lies. Love you both and appreciate your ministries.

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