by Mike Winger
Why did Jesus have 12 apostles? Why did Jesus sometimes ignore crowds or even purposely diminish them? What is it that these "seekers" didn't understand? We'll cover this as well as a survey of each of the 12 apostles trying to see what we can learn from them individually. Oh yeah, and some great apologetics stuff too! Don't forget to check out the brand new BibleThinker app! Search "Mike Winger" in your app store. If you love this ministry and want to help support it please click here. BibleThinker mugs are available here!


Posted on:
Saturday, 17 August 2019
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RebeccaLynn Dikeman
This was fabulous! Your instruction to church leaders and churches who are overly focused on church growth and appealing to the crowds, to the detriment of their faithful followers hit home for me. We have chosen to leave our home church of nearly 15 years because even after reaching out to our pastors it's abundantly clear that their mission is church growth - even if that means sacrificing the truth and embracing those who openly reject Jesus and the gospel. Heartbreaking. But I know it doesn't surprise the Lord and He will use this for the good of those who love and honor Him. Thank you so much for this great ministry!

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