by Mike Winger
Taking questions from the live chat here on YouTube on the topics of Apologetics, Theology and the Christian life. Question Time Stamps: 1. 2:06 How does a Christian not let the evil of abortion consume their mind? 2. 4:43 How can Jesus be God if in Mark 13: 32 it says only the Father knows the day or the hour? 3. 9:21 Can you explain what Job's friends are talking about in the beginning of the book of Job? 4. 11:05 Can you please differentiate between "the law" and "the commandments"? 5. 12:33 How do you defend the Trinity when encountering Jehovah's Witnesses? 6. 13:51 Can you give some examples of what it means that we're created in the image of God, and how do we reflect God's image? 7. 17:18 Where is the Trinity in the Gospel of Mark? 8. 18:53 How literally should we read the Bible, especially concerning Genesis and the Old Testament? 9. 21:13 How should I respond to someone who asks me why they should believe in Christianity and no other religion? 10: 23:27 What are your thoughts on the Nicene Creed and the Apostle's Creed? 11. 23:59 Shouldn't we obey Jesus' process of becoming a disciple, regarding baptism? 12. 25:27 What do you think of the interpretation of the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses teaching that the King of the North in Daniel 11 represents the Russian government and its allies? 13. 27:15 Are we going to have free will in Heaven? 14. 30:06 Do you believe in "once saved, always saved"? 15. 31:22 How do you deal with heretics and cults who try to recruit people on your college campus? 16. 33:33 What do you think about Luis de Molina and Molinism? 17. 36:16 When finding a spouse, is there only "the one" person for us? How does this play in with free will, and does marriage have meaning in the afterlife? 18. 41:48 In 1 Corinthians 11: 16, was having a woman cover her head a law and a custom? Should women today be covering their hair? 19. 42:41 Can you clarify the topic of God's aseity (self-existence)? How can God be prior to all abstract objects? 20. 45:07 What is your view of Jesus' statement in John 3: 13 that no one has ascended if Elijah did? 21. 47:16 What would you say is the proper way to observe the Sabbath? 22. 48:16 Can you tell us how and when you knew you were saved? 23. 50:23 Is repentance a component of justification or sanctification? 24. 51:16 How can we know our authority as believers over evil spirits and sickness? 25. 51:59 Should a Christian get involved in politics/imposing injustice from the state? 26. 53:52 Did Jesus go to Hell when He died, before He was resurrected? 27. 54:46 Why are books like Job in the Bible if we don't know the author or have much detail about them? 28. 56:13 When are you doing your biblical flat earth video? 29. 56:54 Why do we just practice "giving" as opposed to "tithing", as non-jews? 30. 1:00:27 As a young new pastor, how should I go about prayerfully considering a position at a church of a different denomination with slight doctrinal differences? If you love this ministry and want to help support it please click here.

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