by Mike Winger
Time Stamps Here (and in 1st comment for mobile users) Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: ~ 1. 3:26 A lot of people think the Bible is not clear about divorce and remarriage. Are there some “gray areas”? ~ 2. 6:20 My fellowship did a salvation prayer which didn’t involve any confessing or repenting, just believing. Does this mean those who prayed the prayer were not really saved? ~ 3. 11:21 Can you explain your non-Calvinist interpretation of Isaiah 63: 17? ~ 4. 15:07 What does it mean to “pray in the Spirit”? My pastor said it means praying in tongues, and he said we can all pray in tongues. Thoughts? ~ 5. 17:47 Does Hebrews 12: 2 teach “irresistible grace”? ~ 6. 20:53 What is your opinion on birth control used within a marriage relationship? ~ 7. 23:08 In Matthew 25, concerning the 10 virgins, my teachers have said the oil represents the Holy Spirit – but how can you run out or get more of the Holy Spirit (especially if you’re not saved)? ~ 8. 24:12 I work with a non-profit whose core value is hearing God’s voice, and everything we do must be based on a specific “word from the Lord”. I’m struggling with understanding how God speaks to us, and whether or not this practice is biblical. ~ 9. 28:48 Do you have any opinions on Preterism, and will you ever do a study on eschatology? ~ 10. 29:51 If our life is in our breath, can’t we justify abortion, since babies in the womb don’t breathe air? ~ 11. 33:20 Where was Jesus seated before He was at the right hand of the Father? I’m trying to envision this in my head. I'll be doing a shorter than normal live stream today and taking some of your questions from the live chat. Also, there will be no live stream on 8/20 and 8/27 (the next two weeks). Other than that I have many wonderful and important topics coming up and I hope you find them really helpful in your walk and your witnessing. If you love this ministry and want to help support it you can do so at the following link to my web site. Would you like a BibleThinker mug? A potter has partnered with me and made them available here.


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Thursday, 15 August 2019
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Hi, Do I need to repent of my sins to be saved? Do you have a simple video explaining salvation e.g. 5 mins?

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