by Mike Winger
In today’s study of Mark 2:13-22 we cover some often misused passages in Mark, we test our Christian worldview, ask if Jesus really "partied with sinners", we examine some parables of Jesus and note how the beautiful message of the gospel also includes the sober reality of man’s sinfulness. The parables we are covering (though they are more like illustrations really) are the bride groom, the old and new wine/wineskins and the Here’s a link to the whole Mark playlist (new videos added as I make them). If you ever want to come to this Sunday evening service for a visit, here are the details. 16523 Bellflower Blvd. Bellflower CA 90706 The service starts at 5pm. Park in the rear and look for the dove, then head upstairs. NOTICE: we will not be meeting next week 7/28/2019 If you want to support this ministry, please click here. Although it is truly my goal to present all this content for free so please enjoy, be blessed and feel absolutely no obligation!

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