by Mike Winger
This is part 8 in the ongoing series through the Gospel of Mark covering theology, apologetics, historical/cultural insights and life application through a verse by verse study of the Gospel of Mark with pastor Mike Winger. Today's study covers Mark 2:1-12 and will deal with a supposed "Bible contradiction", why Jesus was accused of blasphemy, how to interpret and apply the miracles of Jesus, a short survey of how Jesus used the title "Son of Man" in Mark, and some beautiful truths about prayer and forgiveness. Here's the link to the whole Mark playlist (new videos added weekly) My ministry work is made possible by supporters like you. If you love this ministry and want to partner with me through offering support then please click below. Just know that I don't want anyone feeling pressured to give! Please freely enjoy and be blessed by my teaching without feeling any obligation to ever give! I mean that. I use Logos Bible software. If you're interested in getting your own copy you can use the following affiliate link and coupon code for 10% off. BIBLETHINKER8 BibleThinker mugs are available here.

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