Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 Introduction 1. 0:42 How should I approach a friend who does not believe in objective truth? 2. 7:34 Do you think that Melchizedek was was a theophany? How does the writer of Hebrews know so much about him if there's only a few verses in the Hebrew Scriptures about him? 3. 14:44 The Bible says that Satan is the "god of this world" (2 Cor. 4:4), but I know that God is sovereign over all things. How do I reconcile these two truths in a biblical way? 4. 17:55 What are your thoughts on "Oneness Pentecostalism"? 5. 19:13 Is marriage a choice? I've heard that marriage is God's will for most people, but I like Paul's argument in 1 Cor. 7: 25-40. If someone desires singleness, could it go against God's will? 6. 22:20 In John 3 where Jesus says "you must be born again," it isn't like you chose to be born, you just were. Any thoughts on that? 7. 23:59 What are your thoughts on attending a wedding between a believer and an unbeliever? 8. 25:40 My church encourages kids to participate in communion. My 4 year old does not participate because we feel she's not ready. Not because of sin, but not fully understanding what she's doing. Any thoughts? 9. 27:01 In regard to our spirit, soul, body, mind, and heart, what does each biblically consist of, and what is their purpose? 10. 29:00 What are your thoughts on this prevalent kind of "repentance-free Christianity" where psychological goals (self-improvement/fulfillment) have replaced pursuing holiness? 11. 32:57 Does Revelation 3: 16 mean that lukewarm Christians will not be in Heaven? ("...because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spit you out of my mouth.") What does lukewarm mean? 12. 38:36 What happened to Jesus on the cross? What does it mean that He took God's wrath? Was it just pain and death like we deserved, or something more? Was it the equivalent of spending eternity in Hell? 13. 43:51 I got saved a couple of months ago! Any tips on studying the Bible? Where could I look to get background information on different books of the Bible before I begin studying them? 14. 45:39 Could you please explain why there are two demon possessed men in Matthew 8, but only one in Mark 5? 15. 49:01 How do you respond to teaching that says the verses that say homosexuality is wrong are actually about pedophilia, and not about same sex relationships? Do you have a video on this? 16. 51:20 What do you do if you can't live at peace with a family member at home? 17. 52:45 I like David Wood, but do you think his approach is biblical? It is effective, but isn't it too harsh? 18. 54:37 At Pentecost, they were mocked for appearing to be drunk. Does this suggest that we should expect laughing, shaking, or falling when closely sensing the Holy Spirit? 19. 59:12 My friend told me that their relationship with God and religion in general is something they keep private. Is this biblical? How should I respond? Every Friday at 1pm PT Here’s how you get your questions answered in the Q&A 1) Please reread your question before you ask to ensure that it will make sense to me. Clarity is paramount. 2) Wait till we go live before asking. We don’t take questions until then. 3) Put a “Q” at the beginning of your question. 4) Please only ask once, our mods are checking the chat continually. 5) I’m truly sorry if I’m unable to get to your question. I know its a bummer, but I am doing my best. 6) If you arrive late we may have already gathered 20 questions. Please check the live chat to see if we are full on Qs. Thanks! My website
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