Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 Introduction - Allow me to deflate myself. 1. 5:16 What are your thoughts about Hillsong? Are they a progressive Christian church? Is their theology sound? 2. 13:48 Is it o.k. for Christians have icons in their home? 3. 19:06 Did the apostles speak a language everyone understood in Acts 2, or did each one speak one of the foreign languages? Any thoughts? Also, why exactly did some people mock them? 4. 25:06 Can you tell me your thoughts/insights about “missionary” Spencer Smith? He’s a fundamental Southern Baptist whose ministry seems more a witch hunt than the Gospel. 5. 26:48 Can a spiritual gift be taught? I am of the mind that no spiritual gift can be taught simply because a gift is, by definition, free to the recipient. The gift costs nothing. 6. 30:47 I am struggling to find a good response to Leviticus 25: 44-46 in terms of the Bible endorsing slavery. What are your thoughts on this passage? 7. 41:37 What does it mean for believers to be "one in us" (the Father and the Son) in the same way that they are in each other? John 17: 21 has me confused. 8. 46:26 I've heard my grandma say that sometimes she doesn't pray out loud so that the devil can't hear her, because "the devil can't know our thoughts.” Is there biblical basis for this? 9. 48:32 If God is the potter and I'm the clay, am I responsible for my own life, or not? Is it up to me to make something of myself, or is it my job simply to trust and obey God (and His will for my life)? 10. 51:12 Which “form” does Jesus have in Heaven: a human one, or a shapeless one? I am having a hard time picturing Him in my prayers. 11. 53:24 How do we know that the long book of Jeremiah which we use today is the right one (instead of Jeremiah in the Septuagint which is much shorter)? 12. 55:14 Can you explain Matthew 25: 14? What are the “bags of silver”? Are they the same as in 1 Corinthians 3: 12 (gold, silver, etc.)? 13. 57:46 What’re your thoughts on Christian Rock/Metal? Is it difficult (or even impossible) to honor God and spread the Gospel using genres often expressing dangerous messages and imagery? 14. 1:00:18 How do you respond to someone who demands you give a chapter and verse from the Bible to support any claim you make regarding things that tend to be more nuanced or situation specific. 15. 1:01:36 Is it biblical to anoint your home with oil that you’ve prayed over to combat spiritual warfare? 16. 1:03:33 I was baptized as an infant in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, but got saved a little over a year ago. Should I get baptized again? 17. 1:05:06 Hosea 8:4 vs. Romans 13:1? My county hasn’t allowed more than 2 households together in months. I want to be subject, but I wouldn't consider this a "godly" law as He taught hospitality. Thoughts? 18. 1:10:13 I've heard Mormons equate Paul's conversion experience with Joseph Smith's in order to justify Mormonism. From an apologetics standpoint, why is Paul's conversion story credible? 19. 1:12:59 On the subject of divorce, can the offending spouse remarry after trying to reconcile? Or is remarriage only available for the offended? What if the offense is sexually immoral to some, but not to others? 20. 1:15:04 Is imputed righteousness biblical? I find Evangelical Christians will say “the blood covers my sins,” but the Bible says we have to turn from wickedness. 21. 1:18:01 (Bonus Q!) Can you please give your thoughts on the New Century Version, The Amplified Version, and the Contemporary English Version of the Bible? I heard your video on translations, but these were not mentioned. I use the ESV and NLT mainly, but I like to use others from time to time, too. Here’s the video I did going through a variety of passages related to slavery Every Friday at 1pm PT Here’s how you get your questions answered in the Q&A 1) Please reread your question before you ask to ensure that it will make sense to me. Clarity is paramount. 2) Wait till we go live before asking. We don’t take questions until then. 3) Put a “Q” at the beginning of your question. 4) Please only ask once, our mods are checking the chat continually. 5) I’m truly sorry if I’m unable to get to your question. I know its a bummer, but I am doing my best. 6) If you arrive late we may have already gathered 20 questions. Please check the live chat to see if we are full on Qs. Thanks!
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