Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference : 0:00 Introduction 1. 0:32 Since the Bible says we can "lift holy hands" up to the Lord, and this is due to the imputed righteousness of Christ and not our own, can you explain David's words in Psalm 18: 20-24? 2. 8:12 What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? As someone who has studied the Bible & believes the story of Adam & Eve, I want to learn more about the timeline. How are there fossils? 3. 16:10 I saw your video explaining that babies go to Heaven and I agree with you. Does this apply to people with severe dementia (so they can't repent) because they had a clear mind before? 4. 17:38 How do you respond to people who say that religion is just a way to control society (perhaps even in a good way) and that it just psychologically helps people not to fear death? 5. 22:18 Do you think Matthew 23:8-12 means that we shouldn’t use ministry titles? Elders (1 Timothy 3) and Pastors (Ephesians 4) seem to be roles and gifts rather than titles. 6. 28:47 Trying to wrap my head around why God would create people that He knew would not choose Him. What are your thoughts? 7. 31:59 Any advice on how to humbly share Jesus with loved ones who are facing struggle? I find that most people are defiant or see you as a Bible thumper on a high horse, even some believers. 8. 34:59 I’m a teen and got saved in March. I haven’t read the entire Bible yet. How can I protect against false doctrines and test them when I haven’t read the entire Bible? 9. 37:09 In your view, what is the fate of the Devil? Romans 16: 20 uses a verb (“crush”) that is common in warfare contexts, suggesting destruction. See also Hebrews 2: 14. How does this all work with 1 Corinthians 15: 24-28? 10. 40:37 I constantly hear the cliché, “God is in control.” Is it anything more than a meaningless platitude? It seems to me theologically sloppy, and implies divine determinism, which I reject. 11. 42:34 What are your thoughts on "Generational Curses"? Can believers be "cursed" by the actions of a parent or grandparent, or by having Native American blood? 12. 46:35 How do you know a vision given with eyes open while you're very lucid, is from the Holy Spirit and not your actual subconscious? 13. 48:19 Is it biblical to pronounce a blessing on someone? E.g. with words like "I bless you..."? I can sense a good wish but also looking down on someone (Hebrews 7:7). 14. 51:00 Why is Jesus called “everlasting Father” in Isaiah if He’s not the Father according to Trinitarian explanation? 15. 53:25 Is it possible that the current trend and level of awful political prophecies is actually setting up the Antichrist rather nicely to come and “save” the world? Will he be a progressive? 16. 57:33 I recently joined a ministry that goes into strip clubs to spend time with the women in the clubs. I've gotten backlash from my family and I’m just curious if in your opinion it is Biblical. 17. 59:32 I joined a prayer group at my church. This prayer group is discussing and praying for unbiblical things, and using a concerning “devotional” (Jesus Calling). What should I do? 18. 1:01:14 Why did Paul warn the Corinthians about "another Jesus" in 2 Corinthians 11:4? How is that relevant for us today, in light of John 17:3? 19. 1:05:21 My family is “oneness” and wanted me to get baptized their way forever. I was baptized at my trinitarian church and didn't tell them, to avoid disputes, but should I have been bold in my faith (from a teen)? 20. 1:08:06 Is there Biblical evidence for ghosts? Maybe not if a soul can only go to Heaven or Hell? Have those who believe they've seen ghosts actually seen demons? Every Friday at 1pm PT Here’s how you get your questions answered in the Q&A 1) Please reread your question before you ask to ensure that it will make sense to me. Clarity is paramount. 2) Wait till we go live before asking. We don’t take questions until then. 3) Put a “Q” at the beginning of your question. 4) Please only ask once, our mods are checking the chat continually. 5) I’m truly sorry if I’m unable to get to your question. I know its a bummer, but I am doing my best. 6) If you arrive late we may have already gathered 20 questions. Please check the live chat to see if we are full on Qs. Thanks! Helping you learn to think biblically about everything, because the Bible is more brilliant, beautiful and life-changing than most of us have realized.
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