Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 Introduction 1. 2:49 What led to the “charismatic conundrum” of 2020 where large numbers of false prophecies were being given by seemingly well-respected & well-known teachers online? 2. 9:13 I'm writing a book with a Native American friend and I want to help him come to Christ. He is respectful of Christianity, but terrible things have been done to him and his family by people professing to be Christians (his aunt was beaten to death by a Catholic nun just to prove she had the authority). I want to share the Gospel with him in a way that is accurate, but at the same time, sensitive to what his people have endured. Any advice? 3. 13:19 Matthew 19: 12 talks about eunuchs from birth. Does that include intersex people? It seems to advise that eunuchs should not marry and should just serve God. Is that right? 4. 20:52 Is Ruth 4:5-6 typologically connected with Galatians 3: 23-25, where Boaz replaces the guardian-redeemer to redeem Ruth, Christ takes the place of the law to redeem the Church? 5. 25:08 I have a Japanese friend who believes in a false Japanese religion, mainly because when she sprained her ankle, her mom prayed over it and the Dr. said it was healed. How can I effectively share that her religion is false, after she experienced this convincing miracle? 6. 29:39 Can you please comment on the Book of Life and how one is written into it or blotted out from it? 7. 32:15 Is there biblical basis for a Christian being able to “release healing” into the atmosphere? I hear this quite a bit at my church, and I’m uneasy with it for some reason. 8. 36:26 What is the leaven of Herod? It seemed Herod was intrigued by John, even though John was against his unlawful marriage, and Herod did what people thought instead of God's law. 9. 39:44 As a youth leader, my students share these New Age things they learn to do on TikTok, and 1 of them sounds like Astral Projection. How do we talk about this with them without sounding crazy? 10. 41:52 Why should we care about false doctrine/teaching like the prosperity gospel or the word of faith movement? Does believing in such compromise one’s salvation? If not, why care at all? 11. 44:35 In Romans 8: 34, why is Jesus still interceding for the elect since they are already saved? 12. 47:44 Do you believe Solomon was saved seeing as he died worshiping false gods? 13. 48:55 I preach with a stutter, and sometimes it can be very discouraging! I know God uses it still, but do you have any advice for me, both practical and biblical? It tends to be worse when I'm nervous or tense. 14. 52:18 If you could visit any one moment in both the Old and New Testaments, what would it be, and how do you know when you’re ready to disciple others? 15. 54:58 Could you clarify the difference between forgiveness and salvation? 16. 56:27 How would someone test a prophecy until it had or haven't come to pass? Including you for all of the Trump prophecies? 17. 58:42 I constantly sin. I have prayed, struggled, and fought to stay on the narrow path. I can't seem to stop sinning. The guilt is still there but there is no change. Can a heart be too cold to change? 18. 1:02:48 In Hosea, God sends a message through Hosea and the names of his children. His family has to live with their children named things like "not loved" (Hosea 1:6). Does Hosea deserve this?! Is this a type of Christ, bearing others’ burdens? Is there more beyond the simple meaning of "Your child will be given a horrible name to get the attention of Israel"? 19. 1:05:40 What to do when tempted with lust online? I watch it to deal with stress & struggled to stop this week without it. I repent & believe the gospel, but I feel like my house is built on sand. 20. 1:08:25 I'm a biblical studies major with an end goal of being an online youth pastor. Do you have any advice about interpreting the Scriptures faithfully for the next generation? Every Friday at 1pm PT Here’s how you get your questions answered in the Q&A 1) Please reread your question before you ask to ensure that it will make sense to me. Clarity is paramount. 2) Wait till we go live before asking. We don’t take questions until then. 3) Put a “Q” at the beginning of your question. 4) Please only ask once, our mods are checking the chat continually. 5) I’m truly sorry if I’m unable to get to your question. I know its a bummer, but I am doing my best. 6) If you arrive late we may have already gathered 20 questions. Please check the live chat to see if we are full on Qs. Thanks! Helping you learn to think biblically about everything, because the Bible is more brilliant, beautiful and life-changing than most of us have realized.
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