Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Introduction 1. 0:38 The NT has a lot of examples of demons being very active, and Jesus & the Apostles had to cast many demons out of people - there was a lot of activity and possession. But in the OT, demonic activity and possession is not talked about at all (or very, very rarely). I was wondering what happened to cause the change and huge increase…or why we rarely read about it in the OT but there are so many examples in the NT. 2. 9:32 How can Jesus be fully God and fully man if He died? How can God die? I can understand Him putting aside some of His divinity in order to die, but don’t we believe that He is both fully God and fully man? How can He be FULLY God at the crucifixion? 3. 13:44 Some pastors I respect live in in huge homes in gated communities. Their salaries are higher than about 90% of their church members. Do you find anything wrong with this? 4. 16:42 My sister has decided to make a vision board and was asking me to follow. I did a bit of research and it looks like it has ties with the New Age. Could you explain how Christians should deal with goals & dreams? 5. 20:42 In Matthew and Mark, Jesus calls the first disciples before healing Peter’s mother in law and heals her by touch. In Luke, they're called after, and she’s healed by “rebuking the fever.” Is this significant? 6. 21:38 What's your view of 2 Timothy 2: 20-21 saying people can "cleanse themselves" & using the same “honorable vs. dishonorable” wording as Romans 9? Does this refute the Calvinist view of “Total Depravity”? 7. 27:14 What should we do when confused on doctrine? I’ve seen your videos on Catholicism, but recently had a debate with a Catholic and feel so confused. My faith is shaken, and I don’t know what to believe. 8. 31:09 Any thoughts about the ecumenical movement? If my church is in it, should I get out of that church? In Finland, most churches have papers that you are officially in it. Is that biblical? 9. 34:15 If Jesus doesn't return until the Temple is rebuilt, how is the Temple rebuilt when the ark and its contents are gone? Perhaps I have a big misunderstanding of prophecy or the specs for the Temple. 10. 36:55 What happens to animals/insects when they die? 11. 39:31 Is there anything Christians should fear apart from God? 12. 41:41 Can you please comment on John 8: 30-38? Why was Jesus talking like this to those who believed Him? Would love to hear your insight! 13. 46:49 What does the Bible say about modesty in clothing? Are there certain parts of our body that we cannot show, or is it just a heart issue? If the uniform for a sport is a bikini, should we avoid that sport? 14. 51:18 Could you run through an explanation of the Armor of God in Ephesians? 15. 59:07 Does Psalm 121:6 literally mean that God can protect you from being sunburnt? I want to not wear sunblock but don’t want to ruin my skin if I’m wrong. 16. 1:01:44 Why do people go to Hell? Is it a penalty for sins, or for not believing in Jesus? Some say everyone's sins are forgiven, but that doesn't seem to square with Ephesians 5:5-6 and Colossians 3:5-6. 17. 1:04:44 In one of your past Q&As, you shared your thoughts on “JESUS CALLING.” I was wondering if it’s okay for someone to get quiet and try to hear God and write it down just for themselves. Is that wrong? 18. 1:07:18 You mentioned in an earlier video that you do not believe one goes directly to Hell once dead. Can you elaborate on that? 19. 1:09:29 Given the fact that evolution occurs, is observable, and is supported by a vast body of scientific evidence, earning it the highest degree of scientific support, how do you interpret Genesis 1 & 2? 20. 1:13:00 I have ADHD, and while looking for a Christian perspective on my condition I came across a website that calls mental illness a myth and attributes any abnormality in thinking to the influence of the devil and demonic spirits. It also says ADHD is a "behavioral problem" that happens because parents "refuse or don't know how to discipline their children” and that the "root of all disorders is some type of sin that is being committed" & that medications are used as an excuse for continuing to engage in the sinful behavior. Thoughts? HERE'S my video on Catholicism. Please listen very carefully as these points are often misunderstood but I did research a lot and work hard to refine my concerns. Every Friday at 1pm PT
Duration:1 hr 18 mins 7 secs