Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Introduction 1. 0:52 {Offering Counsel in Difficult Situations} I’m in a master's program with Liberty University for clinical mental health counseling. During our training, we were asked how we would handle certain difficult situations, such as if a LGBTQ couple would request help strengthening their relationship, or request help advocating for adoption rights, or advocating for trans. people. Can you please give me some biblical principles to follow, to help me counsel these people in a caring way without condoning unbiblical behavior? 2. 11:14 {Advice for a Difficult Marriage} Any advice on how to help a brother in Christ (who's also a preacher) not leave his marriage because he's miserable and he claims "God doesn't want him miserable"? 3. 19:19 {Refuting JW Theology} A Jehovah’s Witness said that all the letters in the NT addressed to saints are for the 144,000 (example: Romans 1:7). How do I show that a saint is a believer, and that the NT should be applied to everyone? 4. 26:00 {Does Modalism Jeopardize Salvation?} Does modalism lead to other fallacies? If someone believes in Christ except they don’t believe that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are each distinct, could their salvation be in jeopardy? 5. 30:00 {Witnessing to Abuse Victims} A friend was sexually abused by her family including her mother, foster family, the school priests, and her first husband. Understandably, she refuses to believe in any God. How can I witness to her? 6. 33:22 {Are man-made Covenants Biblical?} Are man-made covenants for pastoral ordination biblical (specifically, covenants binding oneself to denominational doctrines and principles)? The Salvation Army requires this for their pastors. 7. 37:19 {Should Believers Expect to Hear/Feel God?} I have never "felt"/"heard" from the Holy Spirit/God. I believe in and follow Jesus, but I feel like I am missing something. Should a Christian be literally hearing/feeling something from God? 8. 45:23 {About the Overcomers in Rev.} What are your thoughts on the overcomers mentioned by Jesus in Revelation 3:5-12? Would you consider these to be believers in general, a specific group of believers, or some other group? 9. 50:47 {Do Angels Sing?} Do angels sing? Or is worshipping via singing something unique to humanity? Thank you so much for your ministry. It really is encouraging for me and my wife. How can we be praying for you and your family? 10. 54:22 {Can we find Proof of Jesus’ Existence?} I heard there are more proofs that Jesus is a real person than there are for people like King Tut, etc. is this true? If so, is there somewhere I can go to find those proofs? 11. 1:01:02 {Is Satan an Actual “being”?} What would you say to the brethren that suggest that Satan is not actually a being? People argue that the OT doesn’t describe him as a singular being but something of the human mind. 12. 1:03:44 {Same Spirit but Different Opinions?} Discerning the Spirit: I’m having a hard time understanding how Christians are all supposed to have the same Holy Spirit but we are so divided on so many issues. 13. 1:06:30 {Bible Contradiction?} Can you explain the what appears to be contradiction in 1 Kings 7: 26 and 2 Chronicles 4:5, due to the different numbers? 14. 1:12:59 {Jesus’ Genealogy/Lineage} How historically plausible is it that the Jesus‘ genealogies in Matthew and Luke authentically trace back to the Exile, Kind David, Abraham, and so on? 15. 1:16:02 {About Same-Sex Attraction} As a Side B/Celibate same-sex attracted Christian, do you believe God can change my attraction to eventually desire to marry a woman? 16. 1:21:21 {Encouragement through Chronic Illness} I’m newly diagnosed with a very debilitating chronic illness. How do I continue to serve the Lord in my role as a wife and mother and serve the body of Christ? I’m very discouraged. 17. 1:26:04 {Who was Lilith?} Do you know anything about Lilith? I heard some rumors that she was Adam’s first wife. I don’t believe this, but I wanted to hear if you have any thoughts on it. 18. 1:27:36 {About Jesus’ Death & Resurrection} Why do you think Jesus appealed to His death and resurrection as His messianic sign in Matthew 12: 39-40? 19. 1:30:41 {Are Concentration Meds o.k.?} What do you think about taking medications like Adderall? 20. 1:35:02 {Are the Spirit and the “Logos” the Same?} Is there any justification for believing that the Spirit and the Logos aren't the same thing, and that the Logos was made flesh when all (instead of just a part) of God's Spirit was put in one man? Q&A every Friday at 1pm pacific time. The NEW BibleThinker mugs can be found here. These are made by a third party and I'm not making any money off of them BUT $5 per mug will go toward to support different ministries I choose. Helping you learn to think biblically about everything.
Duration:1 hr 43 mins 6 secs