by Mike Winger
Suicide is a big issue that most of us haven't thought about very carefully. I'm not going to pretend to have all the answers, or easy answers. But what I can do is analyze some of the issues related to suicide from a biblical worldview and try to point you toward biblical help. I need to offer a disclaimer though. Some of what I share here is going to be based not just on the plain teaching of scripture but on my own experience as a counselor, friend and human being. I want you to consider and weigh what I share rather than thinking everything out of my mouth is clearly taught in scripture. My goal isn't to say that I have figured it all out but to offer some clarity and some help to those who deal with their own suicidal thoughts or the life-devastating impact of the suicide of a loved one. I hope and PRAY this is useful for you and brings blessings into your life. Find a suicide hotline for your own country and language. Be sure to subscribe if you want to learn to think biblically about everything. And check out the hundreds of videos on my channel! My video on the unforgivable sin Everything I do is made available for free. If you love this ministry and want to help support it click here. If you want a BibleThinker coffee mug they are here. If you're interested in what Bible software I have been using for the past 13 years here it is. I've recently partnered with Logos to give you 10% off and some free books if you use the code BIBLETHINKER8 and this affiliate link. At no cost to you a commission will also come to me to help me continue doing this work.
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