Expand for time stamps. I'm almost done with all my videos on this topic and boy is my brain tired! Seriously though, this study has been very rewarding personally and the feedback I have received from many of you, saying that this teaching series has really impacted your lives in positive ways, has been the absolute highlight. 0:00 quick stuff 0:48 Was Jesus really just talking about Herod when he mentioned divorce? 7:47 Does the OT prove that remarriage after divorce was normally allowed? 11:44 Does Deuteronomy 24 teach that 2nd marriages are invalid? 16:57 Deut 24 forbids remarrying a former spouse. Is that binding on us today? This is the playlist with all my videos on the topic of divorce and remarriage. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ3iRMLYFlHtBvJzugPJp9P5X1T-hA91j
Duration:21 mins 25 secs