by Mike Winger
Expand this for time stamps (also in the first comment for mobile users) Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 1. 1:04 Can a wife or mom have a job outside of the house? 2. 4:43 Is profanity ever acceptable? E.g. "I _-ing love you, man!" (not in anger) 3. 8:21 Can you talk about the relationship between obedience and faith? 4. 9:28 What purpose does prayer serve for an all-powerful God? How do we affect anyone/anything with prayer? 5. 13:36 Why do you think God created us if He knew it would result in the fall of man and He would have to save us through such an extreme act of love? 6. 16:45 How do you know that you're REALLY saved? 7. 20:28 What do you think about the idea that it's the worship leader's job to "create an atmosphere for people to encounter God"? 8. 23:15 What are your thoughts on the belief that the Church is "spiritual" Israel which seems to lead to observing Torah? Is the Body of Christ separate from Israel? 9. 24:41 If Jesus, being God, knew He would defeat death, what is the significance of His sacrifice? I understand His resurrection is a pillar of the faith, but how can Jesus being dead for only a few days 'count'? 10. 27:16 What is meant by the phrase "sharing the Gospel"? How do we share the Gospel, and what part of the Gospel do we include? 11. 29:35 I'm writing a paper on limited atonement for class. Any ideas on books to get/passages to cover? 12. 30:17 Any advice on how to "put sin to death"? 13: 35:45 Should all Christians follow the Old Testament Law, considering that Jesus didn't come to change the Law? 14. 38:01 Do you have to speak in tongues to be saved? 15. 39:30 Where is the best place for teens who are new believers to start in the Bible? 16. 41:17 Is the doctrine of "soul sleep" biblical? 17. 42:47 Do you believe seminary is needed to be a minister of God's Word? 18. 43:50 Is the Body of Christ separate from Israel? 19. 45:12 If the New Testament was implemented when Jesus died & rose again, is it fair to say that Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John should be considered part of the Old Testament, since Jesus hadn't died yet? 20. 46:27 Does Lucifer's fall (and ours) mean that God made a mistake? Or does it mean that He planned on sin and the fall happening? 21. 47:49 Do you have any tips for a new believer who wants to begin looking into theology and researching topics in the Bible? 22. 48:30 Is it ok to listen to music that is not classified as "Christian" but has no bad words/profanity? 23. 50:55 Should we go to church at all if we've been watching Bart Ehrman videos and we're not sure? 24. 54:30 Do 12-step programs reconcile with being a Christian? 25. 55:40 Why are there so many denominations and only one true God? 26. 56:54 When we die, will we go to Heaven, or are we all dead until Jesus comes back? 27. 57:19 Some Christians who claim to not believe in sinless perfectionism say if we can go without sinning for minutes or hours, we can go without sinning for days, weeks, or months. Is this biblical? 28. 58:43 Do I have to be baptized when I decide to become a Christian? 29. 59:38 How much do you think aesthetics affects ethics? Do you think wearing worn-out/torn/ragged clothing is a means for the culture of death and destruction? 30. 1:00:19 If I read the Bible and pray, and still doubt & struggle with my faith, what can I do? It's difficult to fight it. 31. 1:01:09 Is lust as simple as looking at a woman and thinking "Wow, nice!" or is it's original meaning something much more, like, "I need to sleep with her. I want to make her mine."? 32. 1:02:44 What do you think about 1 Tim. 2: 11-12 on women's roles in the Church? 33. 1:03:39 Is Halloween Satan's holiday? 34. 1:03:58 When should you stop asking for something in prayer, and start trying to transition your thinking into accepting "no" as God's answer? I highly recommend "The Bible for Beginners" if you haven't heard it yet. The Romans series will ground you in solid theology The Jesus in the Old Testament Series will show you how to see Jesus throughout the Bible The Evidence for the Bible series will show you that the Bible is truly inspired by God and answer complex objections to scripture. How to understand the Old Testament Law (this will really help) All this teaching is presented for free due to the occasional person who wants to donate and support this ministry. If you want to support this ongoing work please click here. A potter who partnered with this ministry has made some "BibleThinker" coffee mugs that you can get here.
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