by Mike Winger
There are some serious objections to Penal Substitution when it comes to the morality of punishing the innocent, the idea of forgiveness being accomplished through punishment and several other moral, philosophical and legal concerns. In this video I'm going to systematically deal with these straightforward objections to the logic of Penal Substitution. Check out the whole series on Penal Substitution to see the historical case for the church fathers holding to elements of penalty and substitution in the cross, the case for the OId Testament teaching PSA through typology, the Book of Romans and PSA, and how to unravel and disarm the constant rhetorical deceptions of that are most commonly labeled against the cross. Here's my whole series on Penal Substitution Here's that video on Limited Atonement My work in this ministry is fully supported by donations and I intend to keep it that way so that everything I produce can be offered for free. If you want to help make this possible here's the link.
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