by Mike Winger
This video is all you need to know about The Passion Translation of the Bible. I summarize many hours of research in this one interview and I hope this becomes a resource for pastors, churches and anyone who has run into The Passion Translation and wants to know more about it or its chief architect, Brian Simmons. You’ll hear about several issues with the translation, with example passages, you’ll find out about Brian’s supposed visions and how his credentials aren’t what he has claimed. We’ll compare TPT to other translations, show how it unjustifiably changes God’s word, reveal the truth about Brian’s so-called training and experience, and hear what actual scholars have said about TPT. Melissa Dougherty interviewed me, this is her YouTube channel – My other videos on The Passion Translation, which offer a more in depth analysis. Video Where Brian Simmons is Talking About His 'Linguistic Training': Brian Simmons on Sid Roth explaining His Revelation of The Passion Translation: Andrew Shead’s article against The Passion Translation
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