by Mike Winger
Was Nazareth fake? Was Mary a perpetual virgin? And what can we learn from Jesus being rejected in His hometown of Nazareth? I admit that today's study may seem a bit random but I think you will find it interesting and have some insights that will bless you. Rene Salm wrote a book suggesting that Nazareth was a myth and even though it has been debunked it still shows up on popular atheist web sties today. We'll also deal with the Roman Catholic claim that Mary remained a virgin her whole life and never had children after Jesus. This claim is made even stronger when we realize that the Roman Catholic Church says anyone who says Mary did have other children has committed a mortal sin and will be condemned. Scripture, on the other hand, says that Jesus had brothers and sisters. All of this is in context of our continued series through the gospel of Mark. We will continue this study weekly until I've taught through the whole book verse by verse, tackling issues of theology and apologetics. Here's the whole Mark series playlist. If you want to support this ministry you can click here.
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