by Mike Winger
One of the most important things in the Gospel of Mark is the identity of Jesus. But many people don't realize that Mark is telling who Jesus is through the stories about what Jesus did. When we look at the text carefully we can see one amazing revelation after another revealing the "high Christology" of the gospel of Mark. In other words, the skeptics who sometimes claim Mark has a low view of the person of Christ are completely mistaken. In the passage we are in today (6:45-56) we will see that Jesus' walking on water has an interesting connection to the book of Job and, once again, is best explained by connecting the person of Christ to God Himself. I'll also tackle some challenges to the accuracy of the Gospel of Mark when he talks about the journey's of the disciples across the Sea of Galilee. The whole Mark series playlist is here. Here are the links I mentioned in the video. My video on "Biggest Bible Contradictions" where I unpack today's issue (and more) with maps on screen. Richard Bauckham's lecture on the accuracy of Mark's geography Steve Hays' article on today's apologetics topic. Lydia McGrew's article on the same Jonathan McLatchie's article on the same. I've shared all three so you can see how different people handle it. If you have the funds and want to help me continue doing this ministry and producing all my content for free then please click here.
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