Open description for time stamps. I've hired a number of scholars to review Brian Simmons' seriously flawed Bible version. This is my "Passion Project". Today's video features Dr. Craig Blomberg and his thoughts after reviewing the book of 1 Corinthians in The Passion Translation. Scroll down for links to Dr. Blomberg's paper. This same link will have ALL the reviews and papers as they are published. You should see a total of 5 uploaded by the beginning of January. After that I will need to wait a while for more scholars to finish their papers and do interviews. I hope to have it all done in the next few months. What's was my goal with this? I want the people of Christ to know the truth about this "translation" so that they can love what God has said without Brian Simmons altering it in unjustified ways. However, in the course of researching for this project I've uncovered some other very concerning things about Brian Simmons' teachings including false prophecy and various extreme claims regarding his own spiritual experiences. I'll be sharing some of this in future videos as well since I have realized that he is not just styling himself as a Bible translator but as an inspired Bible interpreter who is going to release a last days transformation in the people of God so that "everything that can be said about Jesus can be said about you". Yeah, it's weird. LINK to all interviews AND papers as they are uploaded. Dr. Blomberg’s book – Can We Trust The Bible? For even MORE content on TPT here is a playlist of my own research into this translation. I think it’s even worse than many of the scholars have said, but that’s not because of a failure on their part. They restricted themselves to reviewing the translation text of a single book each, and only glancing at the footnotes, whereas I looked at the work as a whole and found various other issues of concern including misleading statements from Brian about his own experience as a translator for the Paya Kuna Bible, his degree of education and even stunningly false prophecies he has given. My website *These timestamps will work after the video has premiered. 0:00 Intro 0:17 Why this video is important: Brian Simmons wild claims. 1:55 What my Passion Project is. 2:35 Who is Dr. Blomberg and why is he reviewing TPT? 4:52 Dr. Blomberg's attitude toward paraphrases. 6:41 Dr. Blomberg is not driven by bias against TPT but by credible concerns. 7:51 Is TPT misleading people when it calls itself a "translation"? 9:27 A great example of why TPT isn't a translation. 10:07 The "glaring, recurring error" in TPT's footnotes (the "Aramaic"). 12:38 This is REALLY bad. Brian Simmons is deceiving people about what "all the scholars" think. 17:37 Simmons' knowingly misuses Mike Bird's scholarship even after Dr. Bird rebuked the misuse. 19:42 Brian Simmons claims that his FOOTNOTES in TPT are the result of God's inspiration. 23:50 Why we should reject Simmons' claims. 24:53 Why the "lack of italics" in TPT is deceiving people. 27:29 1 Cor 1 vv. 11-12 that show TPT is inconsistent with italics. 30:38 How Simmons messes up the "gender role" passage in 1 Corinthians. 35:07 Simmons has an axe to grind on the topic of women which he seems to be wrongly forcing into his translation of the Bible. 38:48 The one place where Simmons translation seems complementarian. 43:26 What attracts people to The Passion Translation? 45:03 Examples of Simmons adding "passion" to the Bible where he shouldn't. 46:08 TPT is named after and angel that Brian saw, according to Brian Simmons. 46:38 How Brian represents TPT as if it's a quality work without bias. 47:42 But Brian sometimes admits his translation is very much a sectarian work. 52:03 Simmons "reverses Paul's meaning" in 1 Cor 10 v. 13. 56:05 TPT perpetuates a "long standing mistranslation" in 1 Cor 11. 1:01:11 Dr. Blomberg thinks TPT can cause a doctrinal problem with the Trinity. 1:04:11 An example of hyper-charismatic alterations in TPT. 1:10:35 TPT once again mishandles a passage related to slaves. 1:13:39 Quick recap of other places TPT does this. 1:14:32 1 Cor 7 v. 36 is "particularly confused." 1:17:18 The best parts of TPT are also the worst parts. 1:18:11 1 Cor 13 shows us TPT's style. 1:21:21 Don't use TPT as a serious Bible. 1:22:13 Dr. Blomberg responds to Bill Johnson's quote. 1:23:33 TPT distorts the meaning of the Bible? 1:24:19 Misleading claims from TPT web site. 1:25:23 Should TPT be in apps and sites? 1:27:21 Did Brian really get secrets from God? 1:29:15 Brian's abuse of homonyms in the name of God. 1:33:29 Dr. Blomberg's advice to someone who loves TPT. 1:34:34 A Surgeon General's warning. 1:36:02 Can We Still Believe The Bible? 1:37:40 Last things. 1:39:56 "Cameo" from Brian.
Duration:1 hr 39 mins 59 secs