by Mike Winger
Dispelling popular myths about Mary Magdalene and giving you an actual survey into the historical data about her. The stuff you see about Mary Magdalene in movies, plays and even in news articles is so bad it hurts my brain. And after this, it may hurt your brain too. If you want the lowdown on the "true Jesus", the "authentic Jesus", the "real Jesus" then you're going to have to face the fact that our best information about Jesus is found in the documents of the New Testament. The "itch" that many people have to find a Jesus different than that which we read about in the Bible has lead them to embrace a lot of weird, unsubstantiated and just plain dumb ideas. My guest is Wesley Huff and you can find his teaching on how we got the canon of the New Testament here (link to be added later) Wes' web site is here My ministry is supported by donations and if you want to help enable me to continue please click the following link. But, I have a concern right now due to the economic hardships caused by coronavirus. If you are making hard choices between which ministries to continue to support, I ask that you stop supporting me for the time being and continue to support those which are under threat of closing. If my own budget starts to get dangerously tight then I will let you know.
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