Jesus, save us from modern morals! Actually, that's pretty much what He does when a scribe asks Him to tell us the most important command in the Law. Jesus brilliantly and simply sums up not only the Law of Moses but the moral duty of mankind with two simple statements. Love God with all and above all and love others as yourself. Our job is to let this truth invade all our moral reasoning and to make sure we don't turn it into a cliché and rob it of it's beauty and life changing results. The way this truth saves us from modern morality is by installing love of God above love of self or others. Yeah, that's the part everyone gets wrong. But Jesus sets us right. To me, one of the most remarkable things about all this is that love and relationship is at the heart of the moral purpose of mankind. We exist for love. We literally have love as our highest and constant moral duty toward God and others. Wow. I'm literally blown away by this but how could it be any different? After all, God IS love. Let that sink in. Man, I LOVE this study through Mark! This is part 49, see the WHOLE Gospel of Mark playlist here
Duration:1 hr 11 mins 51 secs