by Mike Winger
I will be joined by Dr. Michael Brown has spent a large part of his life finding evidence that Jesus is the Messiah and he is one of my favorite go-to sources for answering objections to Jesus as the Messiah. In this interview we will cover not only a number of scriptures that show Jesus is the Messiah but we will answer objections from skeptics and Jewish anti-missionaries like Tovia Singer. Dr. Brown's YouTube channel is here (and it has tons of content) Dr. Brown's twitter profile - My twitter profile - March apologetics tournament on Twitter Your votes will help increase the reach of the ministries you vote for If you want to help me continue to make free online content click here. But I sincerely want you to know that this ministry is meant to be free to you. We only need a small number of supporters for us to keep doing what we are doing so enjoy the content with no obligation!
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