Pt. 1: What the OLD Testament teaches about HOMOSEXUALITY. This 4 part series will address: Understanding, very clearly, what the Bible teaches about homosexuality. Understanding the new pro-gay theology which has recently become the fuel of the modern "gay reformers" movement. Understanding how the pro-gay movement is wrong about the Bible and being able to help others understand it. Having a thorough secular case against homosexuality (for those conversations with non-Christians). Answering the pro-gay slogans like "love is love" "two people should be able to do what they want in their own bedroom" "as long as it's two consenting adults" "equal marriage rights" "your bigotry is why so many gays commit suicide" etc. Looking at the legal case against same-sex marriage. Dealing with the anger of pro-gay friends and family. How to truly love gay friends and family in a Christ-like way.
Duration:1 hr 13 mins 44 secs