by Mike Winger
A detailed description of the crucifixion of Jesus was written hundreds of years before it happened! Let's analyze this Old Testament passage and respond to objections from an atheist and a Jewish Rabbi. Does Psalm 22 really support the idea that God inspired the Bible and planned ahead of time for Jesus to die for us? Can it stand under careful examination and scrutiny from contrary sources? I think the answer is yes. Allow me to make my case. Here's that REALLY good video I mentioned where Dr. Michael Brown goes into even more detail on the "pierced" controversy. If you love this ministry and would like to help support this work please click here. If you want a BibleThinker coffee mug they are available here. The Bible software I use is called Logos. Logos has given me this link where you can get a discount on it and some free books as well. The BibleThinker app is now available in your App Store. Just search BibleThinker or Mike Winger. We are currently working on updating and improving this app.
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