Romans 12:9-11 by Mike Winger
Living out the 8 character traits in Romans 12:9-11 is how you can be more like Jesus. We are constantly being called to live a more Christ-like life and to allow God to transform our attitudes and actions. In preparing this Bible study I found that my own life was changed and it made me really excited to share these wonderful truths with you! Romans 12:9-11 has a very serious character challenge for us. It reminds us of what kind of person Jesus really was and what type of person a Christian is supposed to be. If you want to do Bible study, verse by verse through the whole book of Romans then just follow this link. This YouTube channel is dedicated to thinking biblically about everything. Check out my playlists for tons of content on theology, controversial issues, evidence for the Bible, verse by verse teaching and more. New videos on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 5pm PST.
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