by Mike Winger
I'm hoping to some more content on violence in the Old Testament as well as a much more detailed and thoughtful response to Greg Boyd's "Cruciform Hermeneutic" in the future. Until then, here is a video getting started on those topics and hopefully offering some help on topics like "How could God kill people?", "What about the Amalekites?", "How literal are the 'destroy them all' passages?", "Is it reasonable to just say that those passages don't really reflect God's commands?" Here's a link to Paul Copan's book "Is God a Moral Monster?" Here's a link to the YouTube channel for The Remnant Radio Here are my three videos on whether the Bible has been changed or not and it includes my full explanation of what’s going on with the passage in John about the woman caught in adultery. If you want to help me continue making free content then you can do so through my website at this link
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