by Mike Winger
For the first time I'm going to be streaming my Sunday evening Bible study from home. Jesus' teaching in this passage, Mark 9:33-42, is meant to stop abuses in leadership, unnecessary division and competitive self-seeking in Christians. These issues are so relevant to us today that we need to take Jesus' words to heart. It may require that we change some things about ourselves or our ministries. Subscribe and make sure to click the bell icon if you want notifications when I go live. Keep your eyes on Jesus. This is part 32 in the ongoing series through the Gospel of Mark. You can catch the whole series here (and perhaps now is a good time to start a series!) If you want to support this ministry please click here. But, if you are deciding between helping my ministry and another one which may be at great financial risk during this crisis I ask that you support the other ministry as I am not currently at risk of shutting down like they might be. Thank you.
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