*Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:* ~ 1. 15:02 What is your view on the death penalty? Is "capital punishment" still valid today? ~ 2. 20:29 How many times was Jesus anointed during the week of the 3rd Passover? There seems to be a difference with the anointing at Bethany, when comparing the Synoptic Gospels with John's Gospel. ~ 3. 21:03 Looking at Colossians 3: 25 and 2 Corinthians 5: 10, will saved Christians who endure to the end be punished on judgment day? ~ 4. 28:35 As a young Christian, how do I deal with worrying about death? ~ 5. 31:12 Have you watched David Pawson on the subject of marriage and divorce? ~ 6. 31:43 How would you handle a conversation with someone who believes to hear directly from God, but is saying unbiblical things, and won't listen to biblical correction? ~ 7. 33:35 Can you do a "new-believer Q&A" again soon? ~ 8. 33:52 Do you disregard self-professing prophets/prophetesses if they give one prophecy which doesn't come to pass, like in O.T. times? Or is it different now? Also, are unfaithful prophets of the O.T. the same as "new-agers" now? ~ 9. 38:10 What are some good books or resources to use for historical, cultural, and social contexts when studying the Bible? ~ 10. 39:13 Do you think there are gaps in the genealogies in Genesis 5 and Genesis 11? ~ 11. 42:34 If a recently elected pastor's unwed and under-aged daughter is pregnant and he hid it prior to his election, how should this be addressed? ~ 12. 43:49 What are your thoughts on "Dominion Theology"? ~ 13. 44:36 Is the staff and rod in Psalm 23 a sign pointing to the cross? ~ 14. 46:08 What is your advice on getting a breakthrough from God, when dealing with habitual sin? ~ 15. 48:18 When using hermeneutics for interpreting texts, is the literal historical grammatical hermeneutic the preferred option? Or was the Canonical Principle used by the early church fathers? I've got a few things going on that I'd like to update you on. The first is a project where I'm working with a number of highly respected biblical scholars to provide scholarly reviews of The Passion Translation which will be understandable to the lay person. The second is a quick update on my study on marriage, divorce and remarriage. After that I will take some questions from the live chat. My web site https://biblethinker.org
Duration:53 mins 47 secs