by Mike Winger
Teaching that all babies who die go to heaven immediately brings up a number of important theological questions. Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 Introduction 1. 5:10 How do we determine when a person is accountable? 2. 11:52 What role does sin nature have? 3. 19:00 What role does Jesus have in their salvation? 4. 20:53 What about free will? 5. 43:53 Does this give people an excuse to commit abortion? All this and more in today's follow-up study looking at the theological implications of saying that babies or anyone who is similarly handicapped in mental capacities are saved. Do you want to go through the whole book of Mark with me? Here's the playlist where we go verse by verse and tackle issues of theology, apologetics and the Christian life! My website New videos every week, helping you learn how to think biblically about everything.
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