by Mike Winger
Get insights about demonology, the identity of Christ, the hope Jesus gives to even the most broken life, and some apologetics about a geography issue in Mark 5 related to the location of the region of the Gerasenes. I got a questions after this study about why Matthew says "Gadarenes" instead of Gerasenes. I forgot to mention it during the study but Gadara was a well known city about 6 miles from Galilee with some territory reaching all the way to Galilee. Matthew seems to be using a different way of referring a region toward the south/east of the Sea of Galilee. When it comes to the issue of demons I hope to provide a needed balance where we embrace the biblical worldview and reality of demons while being able to acknowledge other possible causes of illness. It can be harmful to land on either extreme of denying the spiritual realm or acting as if every ailment is caused by demons. Here's the playlist for the whole gospel of Mark series. My goal is to provide all my teaching for free and that nobody will ever be forced to pay for it in order to be blessed by it. If you want to support this ministry so others can be blessed then please click here.
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