by Mike Winger
Here's how this video is going to be different than what some people would expect. 1- If you are a flat-earther you are welcome here. I'm not here to mock anyone. I respect people on both sides of the issue. 2- I'm not going to get side-tracked on questions about geocentricity, the firmament, or ANE views outside the Bible. I'm just focusing on the flat earth question. 3- I'm going to methodically handle the proof-texts used by flat earth proponents to support their views. I only want to ask "do these verses support a conclusion that the Bible teaches a flat earth?" 4- I'm not interested, in this teaching, about what "science says" or questions of conspiracies. I'm only asking about the Bible. The simple method here is to have a sober look at the passages used to support a flat earth theory and show what they are really saying, in context. This video is meant to be a helpful resource for those who sincerely want to ask whether or not the Bible, on it's own, is teaching a flat earth. Links you may be interested in. The full Dean Odle video I played clips of (really bad exegesis) Strong's concordance for "platus" Want a BibleThinker mug? Thanks to supporters I can study all day and make completely free videos teaching theology and apologetics. If you want to support this work please click here.
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