Here's all I want to know. What is Critical Race Theory and is it biblical? We'll answer both questions today with special guest Neil Shenvi. I agree that racism is a serious problem in our lives today. A very serious problem. But real problems can sometimes lead us to bad solutions. The solutions provided by Critical Race Theory (and concepts of "whiteness", "systems of oppression", "internalized oppression", the redefining of "racism" etc.) are actually solutions that involve more racism. It is injustice in response to injustice. It's unbalanced scales in response to unbalanced scales. It's prejudice in response to prejudice. A biblical Christian should recognize that because racism, partiality and injustice are serious issues, we can not embrace Critical Race Theory. This isn't about taking political sides or pleasing crowds, it's about being biblical and pleasing God. Neil Shenvi's web site - Neil Shenvi on Twitter - My website
Duration:2 hrs 3 mins 50 secs