What's super interesting to me about what Jesus says here is that, in one short passage He covers the nature of the inspiration and authorship of the Bible, how messianic hermeneutics functions, and the identity of the Messiah as greater than they had known. In a couple sentences he gives us so much clarity and tools for our own understanding and interpretation of the Bible. And also shows some clever behavior in asking His own question to finally trump the numerous trick questions of the opposition. Showing superior knowledge of God, Messiah and the Scripture. Jesus is awesome! Here’s that video on Melchizedek and how he represents Christ. https://youtu.be/qP-m85M8HWk Feel free to use my videos in your own gatherings as an aid to studying Scripture. See the WHOLE Gospel of Mark playlist here. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ3iRMLYFlHuGenHwUdeiQ5M-uj5XW4sF
Duration:57 mins 46 secs