by Mike Winger
Question Timestamps for Quick Reference: 1. 1:36 How do you reconcile Luke 9: 50 and Luke 11: 23? How do we understand them in their proper context, and how can we apply them in our lives today? 2. 5:15 Regarding your recent "flat Earth" video, what does the Bible say about other planets and their purpose for being created? 3. 8:08 Is it possible that Christians made up martyrs' claims to make their claims about Christianity hold more value and truth to the people in later centuries? 4. 11:55 What is the biblical way to proceed when a member of your church shares a clearly "new age" message, believing it to be a "call to prayer"? 5. 14:20 How do I fire people at work and still show grace and be a godly leader? 6. 15:48 Have you had the opportunity yet to study deeper about whether or not we can lose our salvation? 7. 17:08 Matthew 6: 25-34 talks about not worrying, and that God knows what we need and will provide. But how can that be true when there are Christians who suffer without "the essentials"? 8. 24:10 Why circumcision? Of all things, why did God choose that as the sign of the covenant? What is the history/meaning behind it? 9. 26:12 Can you please teach on remarriage after a divorce of 2 Christians? Is it sinful for one spouse to remarry if the other person is not willing to reconcile? 10. 26:58 How would you suggest I help other believers understand that Christians are not immune to the troubles of daily life in a way that will not cause them to be fearful/anxious? 11. 29:39 I have an unbelieving sister & niece in homosexual relationships. We have a good/loving relationship with them, but have not allowed their partners into our home. Should we reconsider this approach? 12. 30:53 What would you say to someone who is trying to compare mythology to Christianity? 13. 33:08 I was recently asked, "How can I trust your (or any other person's) interpretation of a Bible verse?" and "If the Holy Spirit is helping both you and I interpret, then why might we disagree?" Thoughts? 14. 36:04 Is the rapture "pre-tribulation", "post-tribulation", or "pre-wrath", and where does the Bible say? 15. 39:38 Do you think Jeremiah 17: 13 is a prophecy of John 8: 1-11? 16. 41:50 I would like to serve the body by making videos, but I'm afraid my sin is too great to be any sort of teacher. Should I deal with my sin first, or am I still able to be a teacher in spite of it? 17. 43:48 What does it mean to "boast in the Lord", and how should we do it? 18. 44:37 Did Jesus cause or permit drunkenness by providing more wine to (assumably) drunk guests? What is drunkenness? 19. 48:19 Do you have any advice for starting a Christian YouTube channel? 20. 49:18 What is your view on Christians writing fiction and fantasy books? 21. 50:13 In Genesis 4: 13-17, how was Cain afraid of someone finding and killing him, and how did he get a wife if he, Adam, and Eve were the only people on Earth at this point? 22. 53:38 If we are all happy in Heaven/Paradise, will we not be sad/mourning for those in Hell/Sheol? 23. 57:20 Is there hope for Christians struggling with continuous sin like pornography? Or is repentance/struggling through it sufficient? 24. 58:03 Who is the word "Lord" referring to in 2 Corinthians 3: 17? Is it implying that Jesus is the Holy Spirit? 25. 1:00:56 In the Genesis 6 reference to the "sons of God", who is that referring to? 26. 1:02:34 How do I know if I have blasphemed the Holy Spirit? 27. 1:03:04 Question about Mark/Olivet Discourse 28. 1:03:33 Can a Christian read Greek philosophers like Plato and Aristotle? 29. 1:04:44 Is there good evidence for the Exodus? 30. 1:05:31 How would you answer a Christian who claims (using 1 Jn. 2: 1) that believers don't have a "sinful flesh" after being born again, ignoring other verses? 31. 1:07:12 How is annihilationism not the obvious teaching of Scripture, when eternal life is dependent upon salvation and substitutionary atonement requires that the proper punishment be served? 32. 1:09:08 Does every sin you've committed have to be confessed, or does faith in Jesus cover all past and future sins? 33. 1:09:57 Can you explain a biblical argument for or against infant baptism? 34. 1:11:17 Do you think the Sabbath was a picture of the Gospel (resting from works, Hebrews 4)? 35. 1:12:02 Is the Apologeticon event still happening? What happens if I already bought a ticket? 36. 1:12:40 Should we do baptisms for the dead? 37. 1:12:55 What are your thoughts about those who argue that Paul was actually a false apostle? (Specifically, the "Jesus Words Only" group, and the claim that John was talking of Paul in Revelation 2: 2) If you love this ministry and want to help support my work please click here.
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