by Mike Winger
Question Timestamps for Quick Reference: 1. 1:36 How do you reconcile Luke 9: 50 and Luke 11: 23? How do we understand them in their proper context, and how can we apply them in our lives today? 2. 5:15 Regarding your recent "flat Earth" video, what does the Bible say about other planets and their purpose for being created? 3. 8:08 Is it possible that Christians made up martyrs' claims to make their claims about Christianity hold more value and truth to the people in later centuries? 4. 11:55 What is the biblical way to proceed when a member of your church shares a clearly "new age" message, believing it to be a "call to prayer"? 5. 14:20 How do I fire people at work and still show grace and be a godly leader? 6. 15:48 Have you had the opportunity yet to study deeper about whether or not we can lose our salvation? 7. 17:08 Matthew 6: 25-34 talks about not worrying, and that God knows what we need and will provide. But how can that be true when there are Christians who suffer without "the essentials"? 8. 24:10 Why circumcision? Of all things, why did God choose that as the sign of the covenant? What is the history/meaning behind it? 9. 26:12 Can you please teach on remarriage after a divorce of 2 Christians? Is it sinful for one spouse to remarry if the other person is not willing to reconcile? 10. 26:58 How would you suggest I help other believers understand that Christians are not immune to the troubles of daily life in a way that will not cause them to be fearful/anxious? 11. 29:39 I have an unbelieving sister & niece in homosexual relationships. We have a good/loving relationship with them, but have not allowed their partners into our home. Should we reconsider this approach? 12. 30:53 What would you say to someone who is trying to compare mythology to Christianity? 13. 33:08 I was recently asked, "How can I trust your (or any other person's) interpretation of a Bible verse?" and "If the Holy Spirit is helping both you and I interpret, then why might we disagree?" Thoughts? 14. 36:04 Is the rapture "pre-tribulation", "post-tribulation", or "pre-wrath", and where does the Bible say? 15. 39:38 Do you think Jeremiah 17: 13 is a prophecy of John 8: 1-11? 16. 41:50 I would like to serve the body by making videos, but I'm afraid my sin is too great to be any sort of teacher. Should I deal with my sin first, or am I still able to be a teacher in spite of it? 17. 43:48 What does it mean to "boast in the Lord", and how should we do it? 18. 44:37 Did Jesus cause or permit drunkenness by providing more wine to (assumably) drunk guests? What is drunkenness? 19. 48:19 Do you have any advice for starting a Christian YouTube channel? 20. 49:18 What is your view on Christians writing fiction and fantasy books? 21. 50:13 In Genesis 4: 13-17, how was Cain afraid of someone finding and killing him, and how did he get a wife if he, Adam, and Eve were the only people on Earth at this point? 22. 53:38 If we are all happy in Heaven/Paradise, will we not be sad/mourning for those in Hell/Sheol? 23. 57:20 Is there hope for Christians struggling with continuous sin like pornography? Or is repentance/struggling through it sufficient? 24. 58:03 Who is the word "Lord" referring to in 2 Corinthians 3: 17? Is it implying that Jesus is the Holy Spirit? 25. 1:00:56 In the Genesis 6 reference to the "sons of God", who is that referring to? 26. 1:02:34 How do I know if I have blasphemed the Holy Spirit? 27. 1:03:04 Question about Mark/Olivet Discourse 28. 1:03:33 Can a Christian read Greek philosophers like Plato and Aristotle? 29. 1:04:44 Is there good evidence for the Exodus? 30. 1:05:31 How would you answer a Christian who claims (using 1 Jn. 2: 1) that believers don't have a "sinful flesh" after being born again, ignoring other verses? 31. 1:07:12 How is annihilationism not the obvious teaching of Scripture, when eternal life is dependent upon salvation and substitutionary atonement requires that the proper punishment be served? 32. 1:09:08 Does every sin you've committed have to be confessed, or does faith in Jesus cover all past and future sins? 33. 1:09:57 Can you explain a biblical argument for or against infant baptism? 34. 1:11:17 Do you think the Sabbath was a picture of the Gospel (resting from works, Hebrews 4)? 35. 1:12:02 Is the Apologeticon event still happening? What happens if I already bought a ticket? 36. 1:12:40 Should we do baptisms for the dead? 37. 1:12:55 What are your thoughts about those who argue that Paul was actually a false apostle? (Specifically, the "Jesus Words Only" group, and the claim that John was talking of Paul in Revelation 2: 2) If you love this ministry and want to help support my work please click here.

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all right I'm waiting for the confirmation and we have it we are live welcome to the Tuesday livestream answering your questions from the live chat that means you can literally put questions in the live chat I'm going to answer your questions right now on the spot thanks for joining me I'm Pastor Mike winger this is my ministry I make videos and put them online for free so that it would just bless people and sometimes we do Q&A which we do semi-regularly now and that's what we're doing today so you're gonna put a capital Q next to your question most do you already know the drill and that question it has a chance at least you know I can't answer every question or the physical ability to do that has a chance at least of getting into the into the list of questions all I'll answer today so yeah yeah here's a quick update for those of you who are putting your questions in I've got a already got a few questions here from AJ thanks AJ thanks to my mods by the way for being there you guys are a blessing but I have a quick update which is that my normal Sunday evening service I teach out my church most this is not relevant to 99.9% of you entirely but it's about to be relevant okay I usually teach this small group Sunday night study but due to government suggestions and me wanting to walk in wisdom and prudence not fear not compromising my walk with God but walking wisdom and prudence and honoring the Lord we're not going to be meeting this Sunday at least for now what I will do is at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Sunday I'm gonna livestream that Bible study so I'll live stream it from from here my home office I'll still be teaching it it'll be live you can join with me live as I teach Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time in the Gospel of Mark as we continue our study all right here's our first question this is from Solomon Dahlberg I've long tried to get an understanding of how to reconcile these verses but never really come to an any satisfying answer I've tried to look to look at the context for both of them but they still seem contradictory the verses I'm talking about are okay let me bring up these verses so we'll read them see if we can understand the question and then perhaps maybe I'll have an answer off the top of my head that will be helpful Luke 9 50 jesus said to him do do not stop him for the one who is not against you is for you okay this is the context here for those who don't know the context here is they encounter the disciples during the ministry of Jesus his physical ministry on earth they encounter people who were casting out demons in Jesus's name but they're not part of the disciples like approved group they're like they don't the disciples don't know how do these people really know Jesus how are they doing things in his name so here John or Luke 9:40 minute says John answered master we saw someone casting out demons in your name and we tried to stop him because he does not follow with us but Jesus said to him do not stop him for the one who is not against you is for you all right now the I can already see where this is gonna go in the same book of the Bible so Luke 11 23 same author and everything Jesus says this phrase whoever is not with me is against me and whoever does not gather with me scatters now here's the the help that context brings us because some would say look well wait if you're not against me you're with me or you're for me well but if you're not with me then you're against me these are consistent for this reason I think Jesus is simply saying that there is a divide of the kingdom of those who are in the kingdom and those who are out of the kingdom and those who were out of the kingdom they're not with you and they're against you and those who were in the kingdom they're not against you they're with you they're for you I don't see a contradiction here now sometimes I don't see the force of the supposed contradictions other people see so I don't see how that's a contradiction I think what it's saying is there isn't this third category of Inbetweeners it's it's really there's those who are with us not with us now the reason why confusion about the first group comes up in the earlier passage in Luke I think is because these people while they're doing things in Jesus name they seem to be followers of Jesus but they're not part of the actual local group of the disciples they're not part of it to put it in I'm gonna translate this into modern times I don't want to be an anachronistic here but in modern times it'd be like they seem like they're legit Christians but they're not part of my church that's kind of how it feels I don't know them personally and yet the Church of Christ the real body of Jesus Christ is bigger than any one organization locally and it was bigger even then the disciples were aware of the time of Jesus so that would be my interpretation of that I hope that helps to finish your your question here Salomon you said how do we reconcile them and understand them in proper context and how should we be how should we understand them practically in our lives today so great questions man well-put yes I don't see any actual contradiction here I I don't see it and I don't think anyone else should either the application is easy its realized that God's kingdom is is a black and white issue there is a with and against reality but we want everyone to change sides and become part of the with group but the width group doesn't mean my local church these US foreign no more only the people who agree with me about everything and who have exactly my perfectly right theology in every area that's not what we mean when we say who the body of Christ is so we can be more gracious next question Rudy arias says regarding your last video about Flat Earth although not relevant to it what does the Bible say about other planets and their purpose for being created does it say anything about life in them that's a really interesting question um Rudi I think I would want to spend some real time thinking about that does does the text of Scripture have any indications I mean it talked about how God created all things okay so back in the day they didn't call them planets the stuff that that's out in space they called everything stars it was all stars like when planets they used to call them wandering stars because there were stars but they didn't follow the same pattern of movement that all the other stars have so they called him wandering stars and that was just pulling on its like Venus or you know Jupiter or that kind of thing so we didn't really know that much about them we just know that God made them and then it shows that you know from Scripture God made them it shows he is glorious it's meant to show his power and his might so the more we discover about space and about the distance that there is in the universe we used to see the magnin magnanimity mag magnanimous Ness what's the word I'm looking for you guys don't talk about you know we see how big God's power is we see God's vocabulary is also larger than mine but we see his glory in those things now when it comes to what about them being inhabited what about other planets being inhabited I don't think we have anything in Scripture that suggests aliens living on other worlds nor do I have something that definitively says that can't be the case I know people just like the idea some people just want it to be true okay I get that but don't push that on scripture because you want it to be true yeah so I don't think we have that um yeah I think we sort of have to look to space to answer that question rather than looking to definitive clear teachings in the scriptures on that one my opinion on that maybe that would change if I did some more studying with that very thought in my mind if I'm reading through the text of Scripture yeah the only extraterrestrial beings I read about in the Bible are God right God and angels God angels spiritual beings they are not terrestrial they're not of the earth so their extraterrestrial innocence but not beings living on other planets now there is one religion that does talk about those things and that I'm aware of and that would be Mormonism which talks about how God used to live on another planet colab now we don't know it's not clear in Mormonism whether Kolob is the name of a planet or the name of the Sun or the star that Kolob that or the co.labs name of the star that the planet orbits it's not clear which one it is but some distant far out place called Kolob that's where God was when he used to be a human according to Mormonism and then he became exalted and became a God and he put us here and now we can become exalted and be gods if we're good enough so at any rate yeah there's a there's an extraterrestrial endorsement from a from a religion that I would say is not true okay let's see we have a question from Pedro jr. is it possible that Christians made up martyrs claims to make their claims about Christianity hold more value and truth to the people in later centuries Pedro so it seems like you're saying hey you know we've got this thing that we say sort of validates validates the claims of early Christians in particular the claims of the Apostles that were eyewitnesses of Jesus we have their martyrdom or in some cases to put a softer their suffering as a way of validating their claims now when we say validating their claims we don't mean necessarily that it proves our claims are true we only mean that it proves that they were sincere it gives us really good reason to think well they meant it right because people don't knowingly die for a lie like they don't knowingly die for a lie like that if they're thinking hey like that like that 9/11 bombers they flew their planes into the building's they're thinking I'm gonna be rewarded with with 70 virgins or whatever there was a lie but they didn't know it like if they knew this wasn't true they're not gonna kill themselves and murder a bunch of people thinking it's also a lie it shows their sincerity okay shows their sincerity so we would say the same thing with the eyewitness apostles they were like hey you know Peter James and John are the chief examples of this they they went through incredible suffering and very very very historically likely that they were suffered as martyrs died because of their proclamation of the resurrection of Jesus what does this show shows that they meant it it shows that they were sincere so then we check off the lying box okay it wasn't conspiracy they didn't lie about Jesus we can also then ask questions like could they have been honestly mistaken well it doesn't seem likely that could have been honestly mistaken this many people having these kinds of visions with where it was multi-modal visions where they see Jesus in not only visually but auditory and physical and they can touch him they can see him they can hear him all of the above multiple times long lasting visions visions that don't just last for a second so it sort of checks off the hallucination category boy if they weren't lying and they weren't hallucinating what's left they seem to have been telling the truth about the resurrected Jesus okay so Pedro's question it's a long a long intro to that question Pedro's question is hey is it possible that those martyrdom stories were made up and I think in that case I want to I want to give you a delicate answer Peter James and John no I don't think it's reasonably possible it's not reasonable to think that those were made-up claims some of the other apostles some of those claims might have been made up later of their martyrdoms this doesn't mean they weren't martyred it just means that we don't believe they were martyred based on those claims so when we have much later claims about martyrdom and some of them seem like they might have been embellished in storytelling we think okay perhaps there's a historical core maybe they really were martyred but then it was it was later on embellished and exaggerated and the story kind of grew in the telling or something because the the known event of the story that we have is so far from the source of event of the martyrdom so that's a possibility but and when I'm using the martyrdom of the Apostles I like to focus on Peter James and John because we have good reason to think in the first century that they were in fact martyred and that they were claiming to be eyewitnesses of the resurrected Christ so it's complicated it's nuanced a little bit but Pedro that the general view is this it's not reasonable it is utterly unreasonable I think utterly unreasonable to think that say Peter James and John were not martyred or to say that the other apostles weren't also martyred you might say we don't know what happened to them in some cases but to say they weren't martyred is I don't think a reasonable claim and further to say they didn't suffer for their claim of Christ that is a seems an unreasonable claim as well even if they didn't get killed for their faith they sure seem to suffer for it and that's also evidence to support the authenticity of their claim all right Meg Ward has a question what would you say is the biblical way to proceed when a new member of your church shares a clearly New Age message with the church community believing it to be a Christian call to prayer Oh Meg that is a challenging one I would say let me give you a couple options and I'm gonna ask you to have wisdom if this is a scenario that you're experiencing now you have options right one option is that you go to the person you approach them and you do it very gently and very you know calmly and you try to see how can I help them to see the better way to go about these things you know another option is you approach the leadership of the church and you say hey this happened and I think this is a concern if you think your leadership is open to being discerning and thoughtful about those things I would approach the leadership but if if you're if you're experienced with the leadership is that they don't really want to think about it this does sometimes happen right oh man you're slow and you're slow in our role here you're kind of messing up our flow look we don't care about the details the theology is not that important it's more about you know she was calling people to prayer prayers good and that's it so if you feel that's the way then maybe go to her also if you think that this is something that's just like a left over for inner new believers life and it's quickly gonna go away then it may be something you tolerate for a season but I will say this like I know of one person Doreen Virtue Doreen Virtue she's a great example of someone who came out of deep deep seated into New Age and New Thought practices she was a she's got a YouTube channel a big YouTube channel here on on YouTube and she became a Christian she gave her life to Christ and she was a well-known New Age guru who made like tarot cards or they there's another word for them as well I forget it she made tarot cards that kind of thing angel cards she would also call them and she becomes Christian and she's still doing some of these New Age practices and doesn't realize they're bad so it was a long season of sanctification and later she makes videos saying I've recanted of making that stuff I didn't know I had this left over New Age stuff but she also added something she said but no crit no Christians were coming to tell me that this was a problem they just said I was new agent that I was a deceit deceiver and then I wasn't really a Christian instead of coming alongside me and saying hey that practice isn't Christian here's scripture to help support it so they were interested in condemning her but not in helping her become sanctified so there's some good counsel for how to maybe handle that Lauren Woodyard has a question how do I fire people at work and still show grace and be a godly leader oh gosh thanks for all you do Lord that's tough question man I have little experience firing people not really something that I've been I haven't been the axe man so I don't have a lot of experience at that yeah when I've sat down with people in our relationship with them I found in times where I have had to sit someone down and had to tell someone that they were they were stepping out of a ministry I first sat them down and I my told him how much I cared about them and they know it's true this wasn't something that was new to them but I listen how much I cared I told him you know try to build a bridge of love and then I let them know here's the things we've seen and give him a chance to just to defend it or explain it and he just confessed yeah that's right this is what's really going on and I said well I'm so sorry to hear to say this but we need to have you step out for now and then I told him I was committed to him and I didn't want him to disappear and I wanted him to be restored in ministry I just wanted to get these things straight in his life and to learn from this and that I was with him and I was weeping with him as her brother I don't know if that really applies we're very well into a firing situation though so Lauren I'm not really sure that all that you do be done in love but love here doesn't mean just we gooeyness in our speech it means that you care about the other person each step of the way but yeah I may God give you wisdom Lauren don't really know what else to tell you sorry Craig patron says a while ago you said you hadn't investigated whether or not you could lose your salvation have you or are you planning to look into that actually Craig I've spent a large number of hours on the topic so when I say when you say I haven't investigated it that might be maybe I've misrepresented myself I don't want you guys to think I haven't looked into this I've spent quite a number of hours on it but I haven't brought myself to a real satisfying conclusion I don't think you're gonna lose your salvation by sinning too much I don't think that I question that this floating in my head in all honesty I'm just a human here I'm not the Bible I wonder if Scripture is indicating that there is a path of someone giving up their salvation because they apostasy is because they walk away from the faith deliberately sin might lead you to that path it might bring you to a closer closer to that decision that's a possibility - so these are heavy important questions I know for some of you you're so strong and so convinced and forgive me for not I'm obviously I I should have it I should be able to know right but for some reason I'm just so confused on this issue it's not for lack of looking into it but one day I'd like to devote more study time like just take this topic and and you know hack at it until I get to a conclusion and bring a teaching that would be a benefit to people one of these days so I'm sorry Craig Sarah Sophia says Matthew 6:25 334 talks about not worrying a good word for us today and the God knows what we need but how can that be true when Christians can suffer without the essentials oh this is this is a challenging question let's talk about this okay so Matthew 6 Jesus is giving instructions to the disciples and in there one of my favorite verses in fact I've made life decisions based upon this verse that's why I'm in ministry actually was Matthew 6:33 it was it was there at a pivotal time when I chose to serve well Jesus tells us what not to worry about them what to worry about and then he gives us what seems to be a promise that God's gonna provide for us our basic needs our necessities water food clothing that kind of thing shelter he says do not be anxious in verse 31 saying what shall we eat that's one concern what am I gonna eat all right don't say what shall we drink okay I need water alright don't say what shall we wear clothing so food water clothing for the Gentiles seek after these things your heavenly Father knows that you need them all my God knows you need all that stuff and then he gives us our instruction but seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you so that all the stuff that I need in life like food water clothing this kind of basic basic necessities essentials I'm just bringing it you already know this so I'm just bringing everybody up to speed on your question here all those types of things it brings me to a place where I say if I just serve God and I seek first his kingdom and righteousness then God's going to provide all that stuff for me and I think that um that is one way to interpret this passage and I and I think that the interpretation the correct interpretation it says that and a little bit more I think it says that in just a little bit more so what I think we're getting here is a order of priority for our lives that my life is first to seek first God's kingdom and God's righteousness so God's kingdom is serving Jesus in my life and benefiting whether it's in evangelism or in building up the church the people of God this is the focus this is the number one thing in my life are those things seeking first God's kingdom and also His righteousness which means in righteous obedience to Christ so that when it comes to the needs of this daily life food clothing shelter all those types of things I don't compromise seeking for Scott's kingdom and righteousness in order to attain those things boy we're running low on food and the only thing I could do is is like eat and steal to get food I'm not gonna do that because I'm gonna seek first God's kingdom a righteousness God knows what I need and he's going to provide that stuff for me hears that he know so that's my affirmation and I do live on that I do live based on that and God has provided for my life I've seen it in my life but what about Christians when they don't always experience like there are some Christians that have starved to death I think there are there's some Christians that maybe have lack basic necessities even though they seem to be seeking for ask out to kingdom and righteousness and all I'm saying is that this is not a 100 percent in every scenario no matter the situation guarantee that it's going to happen I don't think it is I think what it is is it's telling us your your priorities are to seek first God's kingdom and in general he's going to provide for you now what if God's will for your life in particular does involve starvation does involve lack of necessities is it possible that that's God's will for your life in that scenario for some grand plan yeah it's possible that would be the exception to the rule it wouldn't be the rule this wouldn't be a failure of what Jesus said this would be here's the general thing for all Christians but but while you're doing this there are potential times where there's going to be exceptions someone's gonna be going through a season of suffering where they're lacking some sort of basic needs Paul himself right now someone say Mike you're you're you know you're just you're messing up the Bible here okay but let me let me take you to Paul the Apostle because I think he affirms this let's see I'm gonna try and find this this passage of scripture I think it's in 1st Corinthians let me let me think of what what are the texts that it says here Paul talks about how he himself has suffered without without food or without clothing right actually a couple different verses where he says that I'll take you to one of them Philippians 4:12 in this passage Paul says I know how to be brought low and I know how to abound in any and every circumstance I've learned the secret of facing Plenty and hunger abundance and need I can do all things through him who strengthens me so Paul seems to indicate there were times where he was brought low where he was humbled and he had a hunger and he had need where he didn't have the basic things he needed at least for some season but he felt he could do all things through God who strengthens him so he saw it as God being glorified in his life being glorified even in his weaknesses so that that's pretty significant um 2nd Corinthians 11 also mentions this although this is not the passage I'm looking for let me if I find it all I'll share with you but basically you guys know the passage I'm looking for it's probably the beginning of 2nd Corinthians where Paul talks about how he's gone through nakedness and he's gone through shame and he's gone through shipwreck and he's gone through all sorts of various sufferings in and while he's been serving God and yet he glorifies God in all those things so Paul did it seems didn't take this ah let me show it to you 2nd Corinthians 11:25 three times I was beaten with rods at once I was stoned three times I was shipwrecked a night and a day I have been in the deep in journeys often in perils of water in perils of robbers in perils of my own countrymen in perils of Gentiles and perils in the city in perils in the wilderness in perils in the sea in perils and of false brethren in weariness and toil in in sleeplessness often in hunger and thirst in fastings often in cold and nakedness ok so Paul clearly saw that there were at least some times in the in the life of a Christian where these types of things would happen for the glory of God in the purposes of God and then we shouldn't doubt our king as a result of this so the general rule served the Lord and he's going to provide for you don't don't make decisions too sinful to compromise in order to get what you want no seek first his kingdom and righteousness he can take care of your needs that's what's happened in my life and there are those other seasons of life where the Lord has a suffering not because of punishment for sin but just because yeah we're going through hard times Lord knows what he's doing with his eye with his plan for our lives alright there's another question and this is from Chris Buckland why circumcision of all things why did God choose that that as a sign of the Covenant what's the history behind it the meaning well Chris circumcision so this was the sign of the covenant of the Old Testament of the Covenant with of God with the Jews the the Covenant where God's would require all the males to be circumcised in the law of his Moses at the eighth day they had to be circumcised circumcision was not uniquely Jewish they weren't the only people who did circumcisions there were other people who did it but what was unique was the meaning of the circumcision within Judaism this was the sign of the Covenant and it's I don't know of any Old Testament text that really gives us like a clear just you know explanation of why this and not something else why this and not something else but I think that if we look at the law itself it's meant to sort of create a difference between the people of Israel and and and the rest of the community around them the rest of the world around them to make them unique and uniquely different now if I'm able to read perhaps taking a slight Liberty here in some people's minds but I'm able to read a little bit of our New Testament understanding of theology into the old and I think this is appropriate I think this can be done properly I think the book of Hebrews does this all the time where it shows us Jesus and gives us new light on Old Testament teachings then I can look out the the putting off of the flesh the putting off of my carnal nature and I know this is this is could be vulgar to some people but I think the idea of circumcision is that we're perhaps putting off the flesh putting off the sin nature that's the idea and you can think about the details of circumcision there a couple ways in which it could picture that so the picture here is not that we still need to be physically circumcised because we don't the idea is that we need to put off our carnality our sinful flesh and become different than the world so that we might walk in holiness to God we ourselves have a circumcision of the heart scripture says so that's where I would see the symbolism behind circumcision Adam Tyler says Mike could you speak to remarriage after a divorce of two Christians I know I know reconcile a reconciliation of the marriage is best but if the ex or ex spouse refuses is it sinful to pursue a new marriage in the future I'm gonna ask you to wait just a little just a little bit here Adam because I'm teaching through the Gospel of Mark right now weekly and as a hip mark 10 and we get to Jesus's words on marriage and divorce I'm gonna pause and I'm gonna do a thorough careful Bible teaching on the topic of marriage and divorce answering the tough questions that come up and doing my best to try to help us to apply this into our lives carefully and thoughtfully and faithfully honoring God I know that a lot of people asking these questions let me bring it to you in a balanced and careful fashion Miguel Ponce says how would you suggest I help other believers understand that Christians are not immune to the troubles of daily life in a way that will not cause them to feel fearful or anxious Thanks who it's that caveat in a way that won't cause them to feel feel fearful or anxious that caveat makes this a little bit more of a challenge I'll tell you why it's easy to just quote scripture right Jesus says in this in this world you have you will have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world like this Jesus's own words you could read them to the words of Jesus you will have fear or you will have fear you will have tribulation but be of good cheer I've overcome the world I think that the Christian the power of Christian hope this is so valuable the power of Christian Hope is not that bad things won't happen to me it's that the glory that is to come out ways out shines and is incomparable to those bad things no matter how bad they are if I get cancer and slowly die the glory that's to come is so wonderful that it is just outshines it outweighs and it is in comparable to that cancer that I'm suffering if I have friends or family betray me and turn their back on me if I find myself lonely depressed going through hard times it's possible but the glory that's to come out ways out shines and is incomparable to the suffering that I'm currently experiencing so the Christians don't need to think we'll have less suffering to have more hope we need to have a better vision of eternity of the glory that's to come you will be in the presence of God in all of his splendor in a glorified body with no more sin in deep and wonderful permanent fellowship with brothers and sisters just expressing love and joy and happiness and laughter forever you will be in the recreated heaven and earth living out daily lives without the the soil of sin without pain without suffering without death everything else will be a blip on the radar of eternal glory when we see Christ our ability to overcome suffering temporary suffering is to realize that we have permanent joy ahead I think that that's that's the thing I would I would try to encourage them is get a better vision of heaven so that you can better handle the struggles of Earth get a better vision of not just not just having like going up into God's presence but of God's recreation of the heaven the earth get a better vision of eternity that we might have a better handling of the suffering that is bound to happen to us in this world in this in this world you will have tribulation Jesus says but be of good cheer I've overcome the world let's see Eli Eli Peart says I have an unbelieving sister and niece you know in homosexual relationships we have a good loving relationship with them but have not allowed their partners into our home should we reconsider this approach oh I maybe I don't know I don't know if that I have the wisdom for you you lie that that's I mean the principles are in place biblically all right you're gonna walk in love you you don't want us you don't want to be affirming or approving of the ungodly things that are happening but you also don't want to cut off your outreach and your ministry and your relationship of of trying to bring them to the truth of Christ so there's like the balance of wisdom that needs to be tried to try to be maintained so I say pray and seek the Lord I don't think I'm qualified to answer your your question because your situation is unique I would be so you know as a pastor what I would want to do is I would sit here and I would ask you questions and I would just let you talk for half an hour about your relationship with them and about all the details of what's going on and about the the their boyfriends or girlfriends or whatever in their relationships and I would just gather data and then I would finally give you an answer for your situation but unfortunately I can't do that with a with a question from a live chat alia right says what would you say to someone who is trying to compare mythology to Christianity yeah we see this a lot online where skeptics frequently not just skeptics but even even believers will sometimes want to compare mythology to Christianity in a way of saying that therefore Christian claims are mythology or they're just simply myths in the popular sense of the word myth - this I I think that what I like to do is I like to slow them down so if they like to say hey Jesus is like Apollonius of Tyana right that Jesus is just like another copy of him about Polonius if Tianna well then you go and you and you say can you please explain that can you build the case for that in what ways is Jesus like Apollonius of Tyana right let and you let them build their case or if they say Jesus is just like Mithras that's dying and rising God and what ways is Jesus like Mithras please tell me in all the co Genesis is just like the ánewá ilish well in what ways is Genesis just like the Union ilish what conclusions do you get from that so you go on a digging operation where you want to get their claims out of their mouths and out in front of you guys so you could see them all and then you want a deal what you want to do with them one at a time you deal with them and guess what I have a video on Apollonius of Tyana and how he is not like Jesus and there's I have a teaching on several of these you know about zeitgeist the movie zeitgeist where it just it just made up a bunch of stuff somebody just did a bunch of acid and it made this movie called set Geist and it really excited a lot of people for some reason anyway this this this video I have online deals with this at Mithras and Osiris and these other supposed parallels to Jesus and numa Elisha no you don't have any significance there's nothing it's not teaching us anything about the Christian faith when we read the animal leash so what you do is you pack you grab these one at a time you get their claims out on the table make them specify their claims make them what do you mean by that what are you saying this or that what are the parallels what are your conclusions from those parallels that's step one step two go and do a little research and then bring it back to them and say you made these claims here's what I found that should dispel that discussion if they're gonna be reasonable Catherine bears says hi Mike I was recently asked how can I trust your interpretation of a Bible verse or any other person's interpretation also if the Holy Spirit is helping you interpret then why might we disagree so Katherine um I you were recently asked how someone should trust your interpretation how can they trust your interpretation of the Bible verse or any other person and then the other question they're both related and and both of these questions I think they have a false assumption and the assumption is that for me to say the Bible is saying this that I have to have a special authority or a special inspiration from the Holy Spirit as though I'm asking you to believe because it's coming from me not because it's coming from Scripture all that's required from for you to listen to my interpretation is for you to see that my interpretation is legitimate in the text so you could say look I've I've interpreted the text absolutely I have why should you trust it because look at the context it has these words in it because look at the phrase here it has it's written right there it seems very clear look at how its interpreted in this other passage it seems very consistent you know with Matthew 6:33 I did this I didn't tell you just believe this I said look Paul's life obviously was seeking for Scott Kingman righteousness yet he went through some of these sufferings so we see they can still occasionally happen and so that I'm I'm building my understanding of basically I'm letting the Bible provide you with an interpretation as much as possible I'm validating my claims showing them to you this is this is what you want to do with your friend you are not saying believe my understanding of the Bible because I have the Holy Spirit telling me what it means I don't think that the Holy Spirit gives us guaranteed interpretations of Scripture he can't he can't but I noticed I used the word guaranteed guaranteed and I've had times where people said well I really feel like the Lord led me to this and they say something in your life now that's pretty clearly wrong so the problem here is not the Holy Spirit it's our impression of the Holy Spirit that's the problem that can be a problem let me tell you guys real quick some a couple things I have going on tomorrow tomorrow night at 6:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time I'm gonna bring on dr. Michael Brown and we're gonna talk about Messianic prophecy Messianic prophecy this is your your your your pandemic boredom we're gonna be doing more live streams more content on this channel so tomorrow dr. Brown live and we'll take your questions afterwards you know how do we show that Jesus really is the Messiah of the Old Testament we're gonna talk about that 6:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time Wednesday also probably coming out Wednesday morning tomorrow morning I'm gonna put out a video on the supposed Dead Sea scroll forgeries in the Museum of the Bible I did an interview with Wesley Hough on this topic and I'm making a video where I'll be putting that out probably tomorrow morning maybe even late tomorrow night we'll see as soon as I can get it up that's what that's what we got going on right now let's see Weaver dr. 81 says is the rapture pre-tribulation post tribulation or pre wrath and where does the Bible say Weaver so the rapture is that doctrine that the believers will be taken up the ones who are alive and remain until the coming to the Lord will be caught up in the air to be with the Lord that word caught up it's this is from Thessalonians that word caught up in the Greek is harpazo well harpazo like harpoon or something right they were caught up were pulled up in the you know Latin arap Taurus so we get the word rapture from so the rapture doctrine connects to that passage in Thessalonians right we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will be caught up together to be with the Lord so we everyone believes this is gonna happen like in my view everyone believes in some kind of wraps whether they think it's pre-trib mid-trib post-trib or if they're some on Bellevue or whatever but they believe there's probably some sort of being caught up because first Thessalonians talks about this the timing of it is a big debate and some people don't like calling it a rapper I understand that that's fine but they believe that the event will happen so pre-trib one of the arguments for a pre-trib is that God has not appointed us to wrath this is in 1st Thessalonians that's an argument for a pre-tribulation rapture one of the another argument is that they see in the got in the book of Revelation they see John as a picture of the rapture so when John is caught up in revelation 4 he's caught up to heaven and that's when all the judgments begin and they say well John is a picture of the church so the church is caught up to heaven and the next thing you see is God working in the Jewish people and so a bunch of Jewish people are getting saved 144,000 from 12,000 from each tribe and they're preaching and they're evangelists effectively and some in some regard and people watch people get saved so that would be a pre-trib rapture view there's also mid-trib rapture views and those who think that sometime in the middle of that seven-year period there is a there was a rapture we're caught up and I'm trying to think of the the arguments for the mid-trib rapture view they would still say it's pre-wrath right because the the tribulation is seven years of wrath well the the Great Tribulation is the second half so halfway through now we have Great Tribulation now we have a pre-wrath rapture view and I'm trying to think right now I can't run off the top of my head some of the arguments for that um normally I can I'm sorry I'm not able to recount that to you just now yeah some of you and maybe in the live shot you can even help each other out but there's another view which is the at the end of the tribulation at the second coming of Christ that's when it happens and there were sort of caught up and we are you know Jesus comes back when work and we're caught up to meet him in the air on his way to return and the strongest argument for this is probably the argument that there's only one more coming of Jesus right that there was two comings total the first and second coming and they say well the rapture view has like Jesus sort of coming to earth rapturing us and then we're caught up so he was a coming before his second coming that's not the second coming and then the second coming comes and now we come down with him so they view that as too many coming of Jesus I I'm not totally settled on the timing of the rapture as you may have observed or heard me say in the past I'm gonna do a study on this one of these days this is on my big list of things I'm gonna sit down and I've spent time on it but I want to sit down and do it fresh pray for wisdom dig into a whole bunch of arguments and then see what I can come out with and share it with you guys there's a couple different views let's say here we got another question that was Weaver okay so Brian Durham says I was wondering if you thought Jeremiah 1713 is a prophecy of John 8 1 through 11 I probably don't but let me let me let me go pull it up Jeremiah 17 13 Jeremiah 17 13 for what it's worth this passage says Oh Lord the hope of Israel all who forsake you shall be ashamed those who depart from me shall be written in the earth because they've forsaken the Lord the fountain of living waters so I think this is probably the phrase you're getting it by the way when I said for what it's worth I don't mean the scripture I mean for what my opinion is worth here it comes anyway those who depart shall be written in the earth I think this is probably where you're connecting it to John in John chapter 8 we read about the the woman caught in adultery and Jesus this is the one place where Jesus is recorded writing right she's caught in adultery and he's like hey let the one who has sinned custom who has no sin cast the first stone and he starts writing in the ground we don't know what he writes right in the passage he's writing in the ground something and while he's doing that everyone just starts leaving right because they're all aware of their sin and so they just start leaving then he says I don't condemn you either are the two issues with this passage one there's a textural issue with this passage whether it it properly belongs in John eight this is one of those one of the two major passages in our New Testament that we look at and have this question about I have some videos on that content but let's let's just like set that issue aside for the moment and we'll ask this this phrase those who depart me from me shall be written in the earth that I think is a phrase that they're they're written in the earth my opinion is that they have permanent dwelling on earth this is where they live this is where they stay there starts and ends on earth they they're not written in heaven is the idea they don't have eternal life that I think is what Jeremiah 1713 is getting at they don't have eternal life to connect it to John eight we would have to say that what Jesus was doing is writing the names of people in the earth and that that was telling them you're not going to heaven you're not going to heaven you're not going to heaven personally I don't think that that seems to connect to join eight at all in my opinion for what it's worth all right we've got one more here from quick attack films quick attack film says I would like to serve the body by making videos but I'm afraid my sin is too great to be any sort of teacher should I deal with my sin first or am I still able to be a teacher despite of it um quick attack films I'm man I'm just encouraged by your willingness to even bring it up and talk about it um on one side I'll say that I think most wonderful godly servants of Christ have felt that way how could I how could I serve how can i huh my to do it on the other hand you know in which case I'd be like go out and serve on the other hand there there could be like a major issue that you do need to deal with I think that the right answer is you need accountability with a godly person in your life someone you can look up to and someone you can lean on and you go and you spill the beans with them right it needs to be someone who's you who's near you who knows you who you can stay regularly accountable to and and they won't call you you have to call them right don't wait for them to call you but buts building means of them and you tell them all your whole situations I want to do ministry I want to serve here's the problem I've got but this is totally separate from you serving in ministry you have this issue that you're aware of that that's breaking your heart don't pick between that and ministry deal with that issue whether or not you do ministry take that thing to the Lord and if you fail take it to him again right away and if you fail take it to him again right away and if you fail take it to him again right away and do that again right rinse and repeat because this decision do I keep this sin or do I do ministry not a good decision this sin issue has to be dealt with no matter what and then I do hope that you can up and give a shot to serving and doing more ministry I think it's a wonderful thing oh my I just was given every question on the planet sent to me so we're kept loud through if you all do I'll do some quicker answers to see if I can get as many of these as possible all right um this forever says what does it mean to boast in the Lord and how should we do it I think boasting in the Lord is like the exact opposite it's the same type of things when I boast in myself man I'm amazing man I'm good I'm excited about how great I am at something I'm just doing that with God I'm an God's wonderful God's amazing he's my strength he's my boast he's when I lean on and rely on and there's tons of ways to do that I could do it my attitude I could do with my words I could do it in worship songs I could do it when I give him credit for things you know that he has done in my life okay you run a race and you win you know you ran the race you won everybody you get credit for that I mean but God made your legs you know what I mean or God saved your soul and gave you the courage to step out and continue to live life that you even would even be in a race so we we give him the credit he is due isaiah romo says mike did jesus cause or permit drunkenness by providing more wine to assumably drunk guests what is drunkenness thank you for your time this is a good question okay so check this out in in the Gospel of John we have the first miracle of Jesus that's recorded and it's the wedding at Cana of Galilee the wedding at Cana of Galilee and let's just read it to us so we can all be on the same page here on the third day there was a wedding at Cana of Galilee and the mother of Jesus was there now both Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding and when they ran out of wine the mother of Jesus said to him they have no wine they have no wine woman Jesus says to her woman what does your concern have to do with me my hour is not yet come short version Jesus doesn't want to expose who he is yet right he doesn't a public miracle that everybody knows about just yet his mother said to the servants whatever he says to you do it now there were six that were set there six waterpots of stone according to the manner of purification of the Jews twenty or thirty gallons apiece of water massive amounts of water they'll wash their hands would do that kind of thing jesus said to them fill the waterpots with water it's ironic that they were empty right they should have had water in them already but he says fill the waterpots with water and they filled him up to the brim and he said to them draw some out now and take it to the master of the feast and they took it okay now the Komets of the master of the feast is what this question gets at because this guy he talks about what Jesus did and some people think he's indicating that the guests at the wedding are already drunk and Jesus is making more wine for them I get this interpretation from people all the time actually but I think it's wrong and he said to them draw some water out now they take it to him verse nine when the Masters that feast had tasted the water that was made wine and did not know where it came from but the servants who had drawn the water knew the master of the feast called the bridegroom and he said to him every man at the beginning sets out the good wine and when the guests have well drunk then the inferior you have kept the good wine until now so implication the guests have already well drunk the guests are there for drunken therefore inebriated does this mean that Jesus was giving drunk people more alcohol no I don't think so and I have I have a couple thoughts on that one weddings lasted for days days so even if and is probably the primary reason even if the guests had drunk a decent amount during the wedding it was days long so Jesus provides more wine after they've run out doesn't mean they're currently they drunk and now they're drinking more this has stretched out over a long period of time he's simply saying you usually bring out the best wine first and then you bring out the inferior some interpret this and they add to what this guy's saying they go well when he says when the guests have drunk well then the inferiors brought out really he's saying that you wait till they're intoxicated then you bring out a bad wine and they can't tell but that's us adding to the text he just he's not saying that clearly we're adding to the text there the other thing is just that Jesus providing more wine doesn't it doesn't mean that everyone who is already drunk should continue to drink more drunkenness was considered a problem back then just like it is today so him providing wine to a whole group of people at a celebration doesn't mean that the ones that are there are therefore excused for drinking more they should have something called self-control that's my answer yeah I don't think this this should be this should be used in a discussion of whether wine is acceptable or not yeah gee obviously it's acceptable the question is is drunkenness acceptable we have clear teaching in Scripture that it's absolutely not the crooks of the Cross has a question longtime listener first-time listener first-time caller in any way I get what you're saying longtime listener first-time caller do you have any advice for starting a Christian YouTube channel yeah there's a I'll just I'll just ramble off something off the top of my head here identify your target audience write down a list of features or character traits that you think your target audience has make it very specific target a narrow band of people figure out your content strategy which is Who am I trying to focus on Who am I trying to omit Minister - how is my how am i fitting a niche you might be doing response videos to atheists you might be doing tough theology questions for advanced theological students you might be doing beginning Christian stuff for new believers or pop level dealing with news articles and how they are from a Christian worldview and these are all different things but I don't recommend is doing about all with the same channel at least when you're starting out variety channels it's a lot harder to get off the ground there's a couple things for you September morning Bell says hi Mike what's your view on Christianity Christians writing fiction and fantasy books I'm totally fine with it I think obviously writing any sort of story you could morally compromised in this thing's your writing that's possible right you could write very wrong things or inappropriate things but in general I think fantasy and fiction books I don't feel like they're wrong I think they're a fun thing for us to get into and read I enjoy them myself so yeah I don't I don't see a clear teaching in scripture that says like you can't do that so why would I limit the artistic abilities of people I don't want to limit that any more than is necessary Sarah Sophia has a question Matthew 6:25 334 I already asked that one that's what happens when your questions get asked lots of times ok Rayanne has a question about Genesis and these are the kinds of questions that a lot of people are asking right right now Genesis chapter 4 verses 13 through 17 let's go there okay and the question is going to be how was Cain afraid of someone finding and killing him and how did he get a wife if Adam and Eve were the only people on earth at this point all right here it is and Cain said of the Lord this is after he killed his brother and gods like puts a mark on him that he will he's about to put a mark on him so that he'll be protected it's not actually that Mark's not actually a good thing not a bad thing anyway verse 13 Cain said to the Lord my punishment is greater than I can bear surely you've driven me out this day from the face of the ground I shall be hidden from your face I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond on the earth and will happen that anyone who finds me will kill me and then God gives him a mark and he's like hey you know Lord says damn whoever kills Cain vengeance shall be taken on him Sevenfold and the Lord said a mark on Cain listening when finding him should kill him God doesn't want killing killing killing killing going on and then Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the Land of Nod on the East of Eden and Cain knew his wife and she conceived and bore Enoch and he built a city and called the name of the city after the name of a son Enoch first off Cain's wife we don't know I don't know when he found a wife when he got a wife it just says he knew his wife he might have already been married at this point so we don't know where his wife came from the text doesn't tell us that doesn't seem I know people always say word King get his wife I don't know where he goes wife but it happened before the mark before he was driven out but he did go plan to City so we have a couple options wine options we're trying to fill in the gaps the scripture doesn't make clear to us in Genesis one is to say Cain's wife and the other people around him that might kill him and the this population of the city are a result of Adam and Eve's children and their children's children we don't know when Cain and Abel killed themselves this could have been a very long time after Adam and Eve started having kids there could be dozens or hundreds of people or more around at the point at which Cain kills Abel we don't know okay not if you take like a more literal and you know understanding of Genesis here so so that that could be they could be genetically related is what I'm saying and and then the argument in favor of this is that issues of genetic wealth malfunctions or deformities and things like that wouldn't have been an issue right then after Adam and Eve are created perfect it would have been generations down the line that they would have had to make prohibitions against you know family relationships that kind of thing now other people would say oh well that's because there were other humans outside the garden and I'm not gonna defend that view but that's gonna be the view that they're gonna suggest they're just were other humans outside the garden and they're gonna say look the fact that Cain went out and people were looking for him and he's aware of these other humans they think that this implies that Adam and Eve aren't the only humans they're more like the representative of humankind there are the priestly examples or representatives of all human just like Jesus represents us all on the cross that's another view I'm not defending that view but that is one other perspective that people have and there's probably others as well and hold on just getting back to your questions thanks for joining me guys I know you're all bored most of you report and you're tired of watching the news so let's talk about the Word of God okay here we are from Lauren in arts says my question is if we're all happy in heaven or paradise will we not be sad in mourning for those in Hell or Sheol this is a good question you know God says he'll wipe away every tear and and and there's even a Texas's of former things will not be remembered anymore or brought to mind and so how do we take this and some have taken this and they say well if I'm gonna be happy in heaven then I simply can't be aware of the suffering of others outside of the presence of God will be in hell or suffering on earth while I'm in God's presence and their solution is you won't remember it and I remember one friend who she had a her father had died when she was just a little kid and a pastor told her she said you know if he forgets everything if everything's gonna be wiped away and we don't remember when I see my dad in heaven will he remember me and the pastor told her no and this is what we call going beyond the text of Scripture now let me please offer some clarity so people don't think this because I bothered her quite a bit the phrase not brought to remembrance doesn't mean memory loss okay it never means memory loss in the Old Testament that when God's forgotten something or not brought it to remembrance the idea is not that he like it's literally gone from the mind it means you're not throwing it in their face you're not bringing it up anymore or you're not worrying about it anymore that's the idea so the pains have experienced in the past I don't worry about them anymore because I have and this is the key I have resolution on those issues some of us have this we have pains in the past and we've become resolved like I'm okay with it now I don't have that still in my heart of some areas I do in some areas I don't well when we are in God's presence and we were in his glory for all eternity and he wipes away every tear even the pain I'm aware of is just outshined by the glory that I'm currently in that's the idea I see the consummation of all things I see the the the good that God has brought through all bad stuff now what about those who are in hell currently suffering if I'm in the presence of God if we see that happening I think that the answer here is that you hear it's not wiped away because you don't know it's happening rather you have such a greater perspective in God's very presence that you don't think of this as a bad thing I think hell is not an immoral thing and some especially nowadays some people do I think there's a maybe you should do a video on there sometime there's like a there's like a feeling in our culture that hell is immoral in principle it's not across all of our culture but it's in enough of our culture I think that even for Christians who feel this they struggle with this and they go oh Lord I still trust you but man I really struggle with this you know I think that what's gonna happen is you're gonna be in God's presence you're gonna see it from his perspective and you're gonna go oh I didn't realize I didn't understand I didn't know and so this this sometimes happens I've seen videos of like say a police officer and they're being violent with someone they're arresting and they're like just tackling them and taking them down and doing all this stuff to him and people outcry like but this is abuse this is police abuse and police abuse does happen it's a real thing but then you get behind the story or you see that the before that video clip and you realized that this person had to be taken down with all that violence it was the right thing to do even though we're not happy about it it was the right thing to do and I think that when we see things from God's perspective we're gonna realize duh surprise God is right about Hell he's right about it it's the right thing to do and when we see it from that perspective we're not gonna be tearing up and crying over these issues we're gonna we're gonna see the satisfying justice of God so there's a there's my my view on that brother love says is there hope for Christians struggling with continuous sin like pornography or is repentance and struggling through it sufficient I think that they're I think both of those are true I think there's hope for them to overcome it read Romans chapter 6 read it again read it again until you believe it take steps to overcome it deal with sin when it first begins and not when it's become exploding Lee large in your life deal with temptation at the beginning moment not at the final last moment of sin but I also think that repentance and struggling through it is sufficient I think that you yeah you repent and you're dealing with it you were dealing with it I think they I think that God's embracing you God's with you God has not forsaken you in that scenario Dabney Langhorne says who is the word Lord referring to in 2nd Corinthians 3:17 is it implying that Jesus is the Holy Spirit alright let's try this verse here 2nd Corinthians 3 verse 17 it says now the Lord is the spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty but we all with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord let's see I'm looking at a couple different translations here so I can get a better view of it now the Lord is the spirit and where the Spirit Lord is there is freedom okay who is the Lord talking about here well let's let's back up a little bit let's see how it is used since we have such hope we are very bold not like Moses who would put a veil over his face so that the Israelites might not gaze at the outcome of what was being brought to an end but their minds were hardened for to this day when they read the Old Covenant that same veil remains unlifted because only through Christ is it taken away so there's Christ as a topic of discussion there yes to this day whenever Moses is read a veil lies over their hearts but when one turns to the Lord the veil is removed when one turns to the Lord so we wouldn't normally think turning to the Lord is specifying the Holy Spirit right now the Lord is the spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom I think he's dealing with issues of the spirit and the letter here and there's an important contrast there might my thought right now I'd want to actually do a more careful thought work through this passage to look at some parallel passages my thought is this is that sometimes the Holy Spirit is treated as the spirit of Jesus in some places and in other places the Holy Spirit is treated as something different than Jesus right so the Holy Spirit comes upon Jesus so he's not Jesus but at some point these are like I'll be with you and you find out I'll be with you is the Holy Spirit being in you he says I'll make my home in you and it's the Holy Spirit and he calls that the Father making his home so there is this oneness in God we affirm that the problem with the oneness theology is that they also deny the difference they affirm the oneness but they didn't deny the difference so they deny that the Holy Spirit is a person of the Trinity though Jesus is a person the father is a person so in a sense I would say 2nd Corinthians 3:17 if it's your only verse you have in the whole Bible it's affirming a sense of oneness in God but if you look at all of the text of Scripture you'll realize that oneness is affirmed but it is not the whole story not one is Pentecostal theology in that sense mark H says in Genesis 6 take a couple more questions in Genesis 6 reference to the sons of God who are they referring to well there's a couple different options here and I'm just gonna refer to you guys I have a video on this in my first Peter series where I deal with several different options possibility the sons of God I do lean towards thinking these sons of God in Genesis 6 are angelic beings that is my that is my leaning let me get you guys up to speed for anybody who doesn't already know what this debates about when men began to multiply on the face of the earth of the land and the daughters were born to them the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were attractive and they took as their wives any they chose so you know then they have kids and these kids are then the Nephilim they were on the earth in those days okay so it seems like maybe these Nephilim are related to these sons of God being with the daughters of man the different views is there's like a set view the sons of God refers to those who are faithful to God they're tempted away from God by looking at beautiful ungodly women okay hey that happens and that happens a lot I would say that happens frequently okay that's a possibility the other view is that the sons of God are angelic beings and that they are somehow fornicating with with human women and this is some sort of like rebellion I think because of New Testament teaching I take I lean towards thinking these are angelic beings how they did this I would lean towards thinking they possessed humans in order that they could you know fornicate with other humans they possessed men so they could fornicate with women that would be my leaning about I have a video in first Peter where I talk about that in more detail and you're welcome to check it out Molly Aloisius says Pastor Mike how do I know if I have blaspheme the Holy Spirit I have a video on this Molly if you just type my name mike winger into the search engine on youtube type mike winger and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit that video will pop right up for you it'll be right there I do a careful thoughtful teaching of this verse of this passage of this idea and that's what I want to reference you to a careful teaching on that and I think it will comfort you and I think it will help you and I think you'll find it to be biblical Colin says anything I miss for a mark 13:24 332 essay all of it discourse I'm sorry I don't understand that question Colin I'm scanning through it and I don't I I know you'll probably tried to cram a whole bunch into a short question and I just literally don't understand that question but I do have a content on the Olivet discourse online of a video called is Jesus a failed apocalyptic prophet or is Jesus a failed prophet there's a video with that kind of title in it Matthew Entwistle says can a Christian read Greek philosophers like Plato and Aristotle yeah you can't really argue against it because it seems like Paul read Greek philosophers and not only did you read them at some point in his life maybe he read before he was saved but he would use that knowledge when witnessing to other people he quoted those those poets of most philosophers when he was witnessing talking to the Corinthians I'm talking to different groups of people so if if he could do that then we can - I think that that's that can be smart can be smart it can also cause you problems especially if you're not very good at philosophy what happens when you first enter into realms like philosophy or apologetics or theology is you know so little about it that what you do is you just find one guru and you read what they say and you just think that's the whole story so if you go straight to Plato or Aristotle or one of these guys and that's kind of your all your philosophical study then you're not really studying philosophy you're just learning one guy that can be the danger in my opinion and that's why make sure that you know the Word of God the best make sure you have your Christian worldview solidly in place then you might want to start with Christian philosophers and then you can branch out into other content as well that would be my recommendation Sean Frye says is there good evidence of the Exodus yeah there was actually really good evidence of the exodus Sean Frey very good evidence and it's even more recently in the last 50 years been been coming out I got to do a video there's some guys that I like to bring on for an interview to talk about this issue sometime soon there's great evidence look it up look up recent content on it the to the two steps that people do to say there's no evidence for the Exodus one they ignore the biblical date of the Exodus forget that the Bible says it happened around 1400 BC we're gonna say it happened around 11 or 1200 BC and then they say there's no evidence that it happened around 11 or 1200 BC what's wrong with that thinking turns out there's a lot of evidence it happened around 1400 BC which is the date the Bible gives so this is the biblical date for the Exodus there they're being are you're being weird about this stuff Cody sparks says how would you answer a Christian who claims that believers have a sinful flesh after being born again they use first John 2:1 as though it's saying if we sin ignoring the other verses I think first John tends to give us these really extreme statements I know people who talk like like you know you draw this the extremes with with very much black and white language that's first John but I do think that even first John seems to indicate that there that Christians Christians have sinned issues so what does it say in first John 2:1 the very verse a that they use I'm writing these things to you so that you may not sin he's in other words they might send and he's writing to them so that they won't sin he's in trying to encourage them not to send now he'll go on to talk about people who were like living the lifestyles of sin living in just open rebellion against God and how this is indicating that they probably aren't Christians in the first place but there is definitely sin issues in Christians lives and if you just read through the New Testament read the epistles obviously they're sitting issues Paul says to the to the believers this proves your friend wrong I don't mean to be rude about it but Paul says to the believers he says walk in the spirit and you won't fulfill the desires of the flesh wait a minute there's desires of the flesh that I have to deal with that I might fulfill and the solutions walk in the spirit that means I still have the flesh as a Christian I struggle with the flesh every day every day and so do you and so does your Christian your Christian friend who says that they don't yes of course they do and to think that they don't makes me worried for them because they'll be blind to the temptations they're facing and they might they might just ignore their sin issues because they think they don't have any and that that is a big mistake Nathan Nicholson says how's annihilationism not the obvious teaching of scripture when eternal life is dependent on salvation and substitutionary atonement requires the required punishment be served Christ died I'll read that one more time how is in I elation ISM not the obvious teaching of Scripture okay so you think annihilationism the idea that you know I cease existing if I die outside of Jesus I'm just gonna at some point maybe I have temporarily punished temporary punishment but at some point I'm just going to stop existing annihilated what makes it obvious to you is the following eternal life is dependent on salvation and substitutionary atonement requires the required punishment be served okay so I've yes the required punishment is required I mean that's the nature required punishment right I think where I would disagree with you is thinking that eternal life means existing I think eternal life in the scripture means more than existing it's more than existence for there are people who are alive right now physically alive but they're said to already be dead and there are those who are alive right now physically alive who were said to have eternal life both of them exist so eternal life and death here don't just refer to existing so I think that I think that deals with that question yeah Kristen would says you are a blessing to us thank you Kristen um I can't tell you how blessed I am that the ministry I do can reach so many people I'm blown away I mean it's like I pinch myself I can't believe that I'm getting to minister to such different people around the world and get your guys your guys messages and I get them give God all the glory and all the credit I just pray that I'm doing well I mean faithfulness ministry but I'm I'm tickled but the idea that I get to serve and administer to so many people I'm not worthy that's for sure but um I'm blessed will kouzef says does every sin you've committed have to be confessed or does faith in Jesus cover all past and future sins I don't think it's possible for you to confess every sin because you don't even know every sin you've committed so so yeah no I don't think every individual sin has to go through a process of confession but I do think there is a sense in a relationship with me and God not just salvation but the health of my relationship my worth right you know like I'm married to my wife that doesn't mean our relationships healthy right so I might not be in a healthy place in my walk with God and I maybe I need to confess sin and deal with issues and get right with him and for me I often know this the moment I pray then when I begin to pray or worship I'm suddenly very aware of sin issues so pray a lot and you'll be aware of those things confess those issues and stay close to God keep yourself in the love of God as it says now heaven not Harvard says can you explain a biblical argument before or against infant baptism I have a whole video on that topic on my youtube channel I'm sorry to put you to videos but you want a biblical argument you're gonna want the real case not just a summary but yeah what we do is we go through I'll give you a brief a brief summary but you're gonna want more you just type Mike when your infant baptism into the search engine you should find it the the arguments for against infant baptism would be basically that the nature of baptism is that it is a proclamation of faith in Christ and infants don't have faith in anything because their infants that would be the argument against the arguments for it would be an argument that you know baptism is is is is not speaking of salvation it's it's speaking of a covenant people you're part of God's sort of covenant community and so we're not gonna ostracize our kids from that community I don't think that's a strong argument I don't think that it's grounded in Scripture I think we think we're sort of making out categories here and then forcing on in the text the other arguments for info baptism are the household baptism passages in the book of Acts in Acts we read about whole households being baptized in my video on this I go through each of those passages to show that we have a really good reason really really good reason to think that this does not include infants in these household baptism passages that's a summary all right Zoey abundance says do you think the Sabbath was a picture of the gospel resting from works Hebrew Hebrews four I think in Hebrews four it speaks of the Sabbath as being a picture of not only the gospel but more than that not only the message of salvation in Christ but it speaks of the experience of resting in Christ and entering into God's future holy eternal glory so that that future rest is in that sense talking about like heaven but it does it does contain an element according to Hebrews four of the gospel in that on the seventh day you rest from your works and you're being invited into in Christ interesting because he's finished the work so yeah I would agree Katherine Bars says hi Mike I was recently asked how can you already answer that question Damon fuller I lived three hours west of Chicago are you still on for the event there next month no I'm so sorry we have to postpone the event the apologetic on vent if you guys have got tickets they should already be refunded you should have already got a refund if you haven't you can contact the through the website or me you know send me a message from my website if you are having trouble but but yeah we're postponing it don't know when it's gonna happen we're floating an idea of maybe September like most people we're just kind of on hold like you know when can we do this stuff let's just kind of wait and see it'll pass though this will pass and we'll get back to normal just take some time yeah Metron 98 should we do baptisms for the dead no Heath s and there's no command in scripture to do it there's a reference baptism for the dead there's a debate over what it meant but whatever it meant we're never commanded to do it never keep that in mind Heath s says what is your thought on those who argue that Paul was actually a false apostle specifically the Jesus words only group and the claim that John was talking of Paul in revelation 2 - thanks Mike the claim that John okay let's just look at this this can be the last question we do remember let's look at this John 2 - it couldn't been John 2 - a revelation 2 - gives John in Revelation 2 - let's look at this passage and let's ask the question right really Bible thinkers here does this verse you're about to see does it show us that Paul is a false Apostle Paul he says Jesus speaking to one of the churches which church is a hearing it is Ephesus right Jesus speaks to them and says I know your works your toil in your patient endurance and how you cannot bear with those who are evil but if tested those who call themselves apostles and are not and have found them to be false okay there were false apostles false apostles going to Ephesus and the conclusion that some people apparently have is that this is obviously Paul problem big problem it's very clear that the Ephesians did receive Paul very clear not only does Paul write to them in loving terms he's not even like in first Corinthians he defends his Apostleship but when he writes to the Ephesians he doesn't defend anything he just like I love you guys you love me everything's great I'm gonna send you know so-and-so to you so and so he has a great relationship with them he's built them up he strengthened the church he planted elders in the church and in the book of Acts there's another piece because this this Revelation passage is gonna backfire on anyone who wants to use it against Paul and in the book of Acts we find that Paul is still a leader over the elders in Ephesus when he tells them hey have the Ephesian elders meet me in such-and-such city because I want to you know give them teachings leadership commands before I head over for Passover in Jerusalem so that means that the Ephesians did receive Paul we have this from different sources even outside of Paul the guy that wrote the Gospel of Luke if they would say Jesus words only well the guy that wrote Luke also showed in acts that Paul wasn't approved and accepted apostle both in the book of Acts and by the other apostles and by the city Ephesus by the believers in Ephesus therefore if Ephesus was smart enough to be able to call out false apostles and they didn't call out Paul what does that make Paul a true apostle yeah so that argument backfires funnily enough oftentimes cult groups will use verses that prove them wrong to try to prove them right and it just takes a little bit of looking it up to see that yeah we also have Peter who says that Paul is an apostle and speaks of his writings as quote scripture Peter calls Paul's writings of Scripture yeah these are these are kind of important things yeah there are those who want to say Paul was not an apostle um this view is destructive it's dangerous it's just so they can smuggle in their own weird teachings so they can strip out part of your New Testament so they can take away the apostolic teaching we've received from the Apostle Paul and input in their own teaching this is what leads into radically scary weird even cultish theology so I say run away all right you guys here's the deal here's the plan coming up because we were on lockdown I'm gonna try and keep producing more video content I did a video yesterday I did a video today I've got two videos coming up tomorrow we'll see what else is coming up maybe later this week or next week I'm gonna try and make more content I just want to bless you and minister to you and give you something to spiritually grow by but this will not replace your actual need for fellowship and connection call somebody up and talk to them on phone five minutes even just call someone and talk to him stay in fellowship stay in contact with individuals and don't forget to move an exercise we're all gonna get fat let's be real we're all gonna get fat as we sit at home and eat all our junk food it's good to exercise and get up and be active I think that would be smart so yeah anyway those are just some councils some words for you guys I hope it's a blessing and stay tuned you might want to click you know not only subscribe but click that Bell icon and turn notifications on if you want to know if I happen to go live at a random time which is pretty likely in the in the coming weeks so thank you so much god bless you oh and maybe tell you what here's what I'll do I'll just do it I'll do a brief little live streamed come sometime soon and I'll talk about this this was given to me from pastor D knodel D knodel is a flat earth teacher and prop up I don't know advocate and he wrote this big book supporting the Flat Earth he sent it to me with an inscription where he let me know that I was teaching false things and that I should read his book I might do a live stream later share a couple things I saw in this book if you'll notice the cover it's the very verse that I utterly refuted but we'll do it again if we need to the seal shows that the earth is flat with a ridge around it and all that yeah this is not good theology but sometimes bad theology can help us to get better at good theology when we analyze it carefully so Lord bless you and if you're part of that fighters movement I'm glad you're still watching my stuff I hope you continue to watch it and think about it and I hope I can change your mind so take care

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