by Mike Winger
The majority of scholars think that Mark has unintentionally reduplicated the story of Jesus multiplying the loaves and fishes. It turns out that they are wrong for a number of reasons. In this study through Mark 8:1-10 we will try to understand the deep theological meaning of the passage as well as answer scholarship which has been unable to see the forest through the trees. One of the major issues with scholarship when it comes to the gospels is an unwise assumption that Mark is based on a bunch of stories about Jesus floating around a community of people, changing over time, and finally being written down after the fact. The evidence shows that Mark is not the result of a community who changed stories over time. It's from eye witness testimony! If you want more on this please listen to the first video in the Mark series where I go through "Who Wrote Mark" and discuss evidence of it's eye witness sources. Seriously, it's really neat stuff. Here is the whole Mark playlist - If you want to support this ministry you can do so here.
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