by Mike Winger
I hope this helps you understand the parables better than ever before. These four parables are found in Mark 4:21-34 and they include the parable of the lamp on a stand, the parable of the measuring scales, the parable of growing seed, and the parable of the mustard seed. Unlocking the parables of Jesus depends simply on learning the pattern of interpretation Jesus established when he explained the parable of the soils and that of the tares. In this study we will give special attention to the meaning of the birds in the parable of the mustard seed because this is not only debated, it's also really interesting. If you love this ministry and want to support its mission please click here. If you want a BibleThinker coffee mug you can order one here. They are made by a potter who loves the BibleThinker ministry. I have used Logos Bible Software for the past 13 years and you can check it out and get 10% off of it if you use this affiliate link. Be sure to use the code BIBLETHINKER8 to get your discount.
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