0:00 CAT CAM! and Introduction 1. 1:32 What are your views on the rapture, or being "caught up"? 2. 8:14 A friend of mine believes that Mark 16: 17-18 is a sign for true believers today, because Jesus also sent the 70 besides the apostles to do signs and wonders. Can you help me to help him? 3. 16:15 Do you have any advice for someone just starting out in ministry, especially as a missionary? 4. 17:51 What are your thoughts on 1 Corinthians 11, regarding women wearing head coverings while praying or prophesying? We only stopped in the later half of the 20th century. 5. 18:50 Could you do an in-depth study on believers committing deliberate sin and/or struggling with condemnation? 6. 21:01 What is a biblical view of entertainment? 7. 25:27 How can I trust manuscripts, especially ones from Alexandria? 8. 27:08 My friend recently said she "still feels the presence of her dead loved one." What is the biblical and loving response to this? 9. 29:20 I grew up a "Christian", but now, after trials which have caused me to turn to God in prayer, I have become more loving toward God and others. Was there a time when I may not have actually been saved, before this? 10. 30:40 If a person is genuinely suffering from gender dysphoria, and as a result, they dress as the opposite gender, are they living in sin? What can they do to overcome gender dysphoria? 11. 35:16 Can you please explain the Parable of the 10 Virgins in Matthew 25:1? What does the oil represent? Some say it represents the Torah, and others say it represents the Holy Spirit. 12. 40:11 What is your take on Jonathan Cahn and his books? 13. 40:29 What is the significance of Jesus' sacrifice being done through the eternal Spirit? Was Jesus separated from the Father? 14. 43:41 What is your interpretation of John 6: 44? What is the "drawing" here referring to? 15. 48:51 I am a school bus driver who is struggling to share Jesus with students, as it would be against school policy to do so. Is it more biblical for me to obey school policies, or to obey God's command to spread the Gospel? 16. 50:34 Can someone lose their salvation? 17. 52:49 Are "tongues" overrated? I grew up hearing that tongues were like a special status symbol to give you better access to God, but is that biblical? 18. 55:31 Some people say that not everyone can go to Heaven, because then, Heaven would be spoiled by bad people. But others say that by believing on Jesus, anyone can go to Heaven. Can these two be reconciled? 19. 57:25 How do you properly repent from a sin? 20. 58:26 Is having a more conscientious acknowledgement of God's presence unto repentance of sin a symptom of being indwelt by the Holy Spirit?
Duration:1 mins 7 secs