by Mike Winger
You're about to get a crash course on evidence for God! And we will deal with a bunch of objections to it as well. I'm joined today by Braxton Hunter from Trinity Radio (his channel here ) and we are teaching you the Kalam Cosmological Argument for God's existence. This is supported by philosophical and scientific arguments and evidence. In this video we intend to give you a simple version of the argument as well as a more careful and complex explanation of it. Then we will interact with objections that you can expect to come across when you are using this to show people God exists. Here's one video from Braxton that I thought you might want to check out! "A Christian Response to 15 Atheist YouTubers" I mentioned my videos on understanding variants in the New Testament (in response to a question on John 8) here's a link to those three videos. My work in this ministry is fully supported by donations and I intend to keep it that way so that everything I produce can be offered for free. If you want to help make this possible here's the link.
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