I still remember when I first started to realize that we had completely misused the words of Jesus. It took a while to be able to confront the fact that the teachers I had been so blessed by had actually reversed the meaning Jesus intended when He spoke these words. I hope that I can encourage us today to have humility and greater accuracy when dealing with end times prophecy and how current events might play in to God's end times plans. Humility itself can save us from a lot of errors and lessen the harm caused even when we do fall into error. In short, today's study shows how many of the things people often appeal to as indicators that the second coming is soon are actually not indicators at all. Earthquakes, wars, famines and pandemics included. This is part 52 of the Mark Series, going verse by verse through the Gospel of Mark. Today we are in chapter 13:1-13 Feel free to use my videos in your own gatherings as an aid to studying Scripture. See the WHOLE Gospel of Mark playlist here. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ3iRMLYFlHuGenHwUdeiQ5M-uj5XW4sF
Duration:1 hr 1 mins 11 secs