I'm amazed at the similarities that exist between modern progressive Christians and the Sadducees in the gospels. I'm even more amazed at how Jesus' roasting of the bad theology of the Sadducees applies to modern liberal theologians and progressives in general. Disclaimer: I am talking about religious progressives or liberal theology, not politics. It's true that those who have liberal theology tend to have liberal politics but they aren't the same thing. In this continuing series through the Gospel of Mark we will see how Jesus brilliantly refutes the Sadducees (and progressives and even Mormons) and we'll learn how we can better identify and not fall victim to the tactics that liberal teachers often use to get us to abandon biblical truth. Man, I love this series and love how applicable it is in our lives today! This is part 48 of a verse by verse study through the Gospel of Mark. See the WHOLE Gospel of Mark playlist here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ3iRMLYFlHuGenHwUdeiQ5M-uj5XW4sF HERE is me dealing with a popular progressive/liberal Christian teacher named Brian Zahnd. This may be my BEST example of how to notice and combat the common tactics of progressives who sadly twist the heart of Christianity and do so in the name of Christ. https://youtu.be/QUNdh1u6774
Duration:1 hr 2 mins 21 secs