Tue, Apr 14, 2020

Q&A + Jesus Taught Monogamy

***Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference*** ~1. 8:05 Since 1 Timothy 2: 12 is still applicable today, what does that mean for 1 Timothy 2: 15 and 1 Corinthians 11:6? What would the modern application be? Also, are you still selling BibleThinker mugs? ~2. 12:31 What did Jesus mean in Matthew 27: 46 when He says, "Why have You forsaken Me"? ~3. 23:55 What would be your advice to a husband whose wife has not been intimate with him for over 10 years, if she refuses counseling? ~4. 25:59 What is your view on the letters to the churches in Revelation being prophesy? ~5. 28:37 What are your thoughts about Christians marrying people outside of the Church, and sex before marriage? ~6. 33:23 How do we distinguish between feeling guilt vs. feeling shame after we sin? ~7. 35:12 When Jesus became incarnate, did He temporarily cease to be omniscient while on Earth, and then become omniscient/omnipresent once again after His resurrection/ascension? ~8. 38:31 What are your thoughts on the opinion that we only have to forgive someone if they repent? Should we forgive someone even if they don't repent? ~9. 40:13 How does God respond to the prayers of/for an unbeliever? ~10. 42:37 Can you please research the doctrines of the Mosaic Church (a popular church in L.A.) and their teaching? ~11. 43:11 Since, as Christians, our sin is paid for, why do some people believe you can lose your salvation? Can the "payment" for our sins become "unpaid"? ~12. 44:52 How would you describe the sovereignty of God to a new believer, or someone who doesn't fully understand that concept? ~13. 48:02 What is God's will? ~14. 49:42 Is church attendance biblically required? Are you a member of your church? ~15. 52:41 How do we know that the Gospels were written by the authors Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John? ~16. 56:01 Have you ever had a former LDS member say that only the FLDS members believe in things like "God was once a man and became God" or "All good Mormons can become a god one day"? ~17. 58:13 Please expound the biblical practice of worship described in Romans 12:1. How do we yield our bodies to God? ~18. 1:00:51 What are your thoughts on Judges 19? Why isn't the story of the Levite and the concubine commonly mentioned in sermons? Do you think the sin in this chapter is adultery, or idolatry? ~19. 1:05:29 Many of the faith's forefathers in the Old Testament had multiple wives. Was this wrong at the time, or is this something that was o.k. then, but not o.k. now? I want everything I do to be FREE and with NO obligation for you to give money. It's my delight to do it this way! If you do choose to support this ministry you can do so at my web site. https://BibleThinker.org
Duration:1 hr 9 mins 33 secs