Skeptics claim that Barabbas was invented by the Gospels for symbolic purposes. Skeptics say that Pilate would never have given in to the requests of the Jewish leaders to crucify Jesus. Skeptics say that Pilate would not have released prisoners, like Barabbas or Jesus, for the Passover feast. I'll be answering all that today! But I have two other really important things to cover as well. One of them is the sad fact that the trial of Jesus before Pilate has been historically used to justify persecution of Jewish communities by those who name the name of Christ; the Jewish Messiah, ironically enough! The second issue is simply the point of the passage as it relates to the theology we are learning from the trial of Jesus. Whether you are joining me for the live stream or watching afterward I hope and pray that this will be a blessing to you and increase your confidence in the truth of Scripture and the love of God for all people. This is part 63 of the Mark Series, going verse by verse through the Gospel of Mark. Today we are in chapter 14:53-72. See the WHOLE Gospel of Mark playlist here. I'm going LIVE with Allen Parr tomorrow to talk about 6 different religious groups from a biblical perspective. I have live videos every Monday and Friday at 1pm Pacific Time. Monday is a Bible study and Friday is a Q&A. Feel free to use my videos in your own gatherings as an aid to studying Scripture.
Duration:1 hr 16 mins 55 secs