by Mike Winger
It's worse than nonsense. It's destructive. I think this is one of the most common bad ideas people have about God and religion. Let's thoughtfully analyze the idea that all roads lead to God and see why this incredibly common viewpoint couldn't possibly be true. Here's a list of other slogans we'll deal with today. "All roads lead to God" "How can you say that Jesus is the only way? How rude! How arrogant! How judgy!" "All religions teach basically the same thing." "All religions have a different piece of the truth." "I think that sincere people will be OK." "I just think that God knows our hearts and that good people will be OK." Because I suspect someone will ask about it. Here's what the Bible says about those who die without hearing the gospel - I've devoted this ministry to producing free content meant to bring people to Christ and help them learn to think biblically about everything. I never want anyone to feel obligated but if you would like to support this work then please click here. BibleThinker coffee mugs are being made by a potter who is a fan of this ministry and they can be purchased here.
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