by Mike Winger
Some times we have been so indoctrinated into unbiblical ideas about faith, healing and prayer that we don't notice when the Bible is trying to correct us. As we study this passage I'm going to try and point out specifically how Jesus is not giving us the hyper-charismatic or new age views on prayer, healing and faith. But there is a risk that in refuting these false ideas we will miss out on the wonderful things God is trying to communicate. The Bible isn't just telling us what NOT to believe but also what TO believe. So, we are going to embrace what it says about faith, healing and prayer... all of it. Unlike the new age and hyper-charismatic tendency to ignore context and distort things to fit their movement and the "vibe" they are trying to create in their communities. Are you interested in the supposed contradiction regarding the healing of the blind man? Here's what I've got on that See the WHOLE Gospel of Mark playlist here
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